Is your service cheaper than DIY?

Lawn Weed LogoOur treatment costs reflect the cost of the material used, the cost of getting to you and the costs of our employees. Try to work out how much it really costs you to travel to and from the garden centre, purchase inferior products or even the wrong product, apply it yourself and the end result could be the product may not work as effectively as our treatment.

Why should I use your service if I can buy the same type of products myself from the garden centre?

Lawn Weed LogoThere is a significant difference in the products we use and proprietary products from Garden Centres. At best most feed will last 3- 4 weeks, Lawn and Weed Expert fertilisers will last 10 – 13 weeks and they will not scorch your grass.

We also apply the products ourselves have a much bigger choice of specialised materials and are prepared to call around to re apply if you are not happy with the results.

I already have someone who comes around to cut my grass and hedges.

Lawn Weed LogoMany of our Lawn & Weed Expert customers enjoy the services of a gardener. Many gardeners try to copy our service by using products from the garden centre. Lawn & Weed Expert does not try to compete with gardeners as we do not cut lawns or hedges etc. We try to work with your gardener improving the health and appearance of your lawn. Our motto is you cut and water the lawn, leave the rest to us. There is plenty of other work in the garden for the gardener to concentrate on.

Why do you provide a free, no obligation survey?

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We are in the business of treating lawns and forming relationships with our customers. We do not try to coerce you into having the treatment. However when you find out how reasonable the service is and the benefits, most customer want to go ahead.

Why should I use Lawn and Weed Expert service?

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We have thousands of satisfied customers who have been using our service for several years.

  • 1/3 of all new customer enquiries we receive have had our service recommended to them by friends or family.
  • Hundreds of new customers join us each year.
  • We are not a national company. We can choose to use the products that are right for our local conditions and are not tied to certain suppliers.
  • All of our staff are experienced and qualified.
  • Our service is value for money and produces results.
  • We can show you the easy route to weed free, greener and healthier looking lawns.
  • We have over 25 years of experience looking after turf.
  • You mow and water the lawn we do the rest.

What about payment?

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Payment is never in advance. Invoicing commences only after the treatment is completed on your lawn. There are no contracts to sign, you pay as you go, and our knowledgeable team can offer plenty of free advice. Our low prices are ensured through bulk purchasing professional products, and many customers have used our services to treat their lawn year after year.

What about the competition?

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Beware! Many other lawn treatment companies do not have the relevant experience or qualifications that we have.

Your lawn needs specific nutrients at certain times of the year, we use several different types of fertilisers and treatments according to the requirements of your lawn, time of year, soil type and weather conditions. Some companies use the same feed all year round, irrespective of the weather using high nitrogen.

We also pride ourselves with value for money treatments, which will help improve your lawn all year round.

Fertiliser will green up your lawn and give the impression it is healthy. However too much nitrogen will create thin top growth and neglect the roots, resulting in long term problems.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Lawn Weed LogoAbsolutely not. We want our customers to continue with our service based on our success in creating a healthier greener lawn for them, we do not rely on a contract.