About Us And Our Lawn Care Treatment Services

Lawn Care and Weed Control

Lawn and weed expert has over 25 years combined green keeping and turf management experience and has been killing and controlling weeds and moss in thousands of lawns. All of our operators are trained and experienced. We are a privately owned local company, dedicated to providing efficient lawn treatment throughout South and West Wales and Gloucestershire.

Why Have Lawn Care Treatments?

Increasing numbers of Home owners want an alternative to buying inferior expensive products, spending time and effort applying them and finding the results disappointing.

Lawn and Weed Expert lawn care service provides a cheaper, easy to use, convenient alternative that gives you better and longer lasting results.

Lawns demand more than just having basic fertilisers applied to them. Lawn care is not complicated if you know what combination of essential nutrients such as nitrogen phosphorous, potassium and iron to name but a few to use. Our balanced feeds have more effective nutrients then the majority of products purchased in Garden Centres and importantly Lawn and Weed Expert knows when and under what weather conditions to use the relevant product.

We provide scarifying, aerating and top dressing services that allows your lawn to enjoy the same standard of lawn care as the local golf course and we use these professional treatments to control moss, weeds, lawn insects, worm casts, and grass and lawn diseases.

We have the experience, knowledge, products and equipment to ensure that your lawn enjoys better results and lower costs plus we do the work! We can even apply growth regulators to slow down the rate of growth reducing the frequency of mowing – very useful when you’re away on holidays.

Contact us and we will arrange to conduct a Free, no obligation, no pressure selling, detailed lawn survey. We produce a simple but comprehensive assessment of your lawn and to help you budget a suggested detailed program to improve and maintain your lawn – the majority of customers see our prices, contact us and ask us to go ahead.

Irrespective of the time of year our treatments will make a big difference to your lawn after a few days. Many customers recommend us to their friends and neighbours – approx 70 % of our enquiries come from customer recommendations.

We work with manufacturers to incorporate the latest ideas and techniques in our lawn care service. The products we use are effective and longer lasting than most garden centre products, we also do the work applying the relevant products and the cost is still cheaper than doing it your self. Many of the products we use are not available to the public or most general gardeners.

Lawn Analysis

Once you contact us we will agree a convenient time to meet you and survey your lawn (if you are busy you do not have to be at home as we can survey the lawn and leave our survey and recommendations at your property.) One of our experienced staff will visit your lawn and carry out the following analysis:

Visual inspection to assess:

  • Weed population – identifying common and difficult weeds
  • Assess the amount of moss present over the whole lawn
  • Identify the conditions in your garden that encourage moss
  • Identify grass species and health
  • Check for evidence of insect damage
  • Take core samples to check for: Soil composition, Sub surface level thatch, Surface level thatch, Check for acidity or alkalinity
  • Disease analysis
  • Mowing routine and mowing height

You can request your Free Lawn Survey by Clicking Here to Contact us.