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Frequently Asked Questions About Services:

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Why not buy products from garden centres?
What about my gardener?
When is the best time to start the service?
When will I notice the difference?
Do I have to be in when Lawn and Weed Expert calls?
Do I have to water the lawn following the treatment?
Do I have to sign a contract?
What about the competition?
What about payment?
Why should I use Lawn and Weed Expert service?
Why do you provide a free, no obligation survey?
Are the products you use safe for children pets and wildlife?
What if my lawn is full of weeds and moss and maybe beyond salvaging, is it worth trying the service?
I already have someone who comes around to cut my grass and hedges.
Why should I use your service if I can buy the same type of products myself from the garden centre?
Is your service cheaper than DIY?
How long does it take for the lawn to start showing signs of improvement?
Do I have to sign a contract or am I committed?
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