Lawn mower on grass

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused a lot of chaos and confusion, and while the current lockdown is necessary to save lives, it must be said that the government's social distancing guidelines have occasionally compounded that confusion.


Daisies in grass

Daisies can be quite pretty, can't they? Many people enjoy picking them to making daisy chains, and the thought of walking barefoot through a meadow of daisies on a sunny day is a rather appealing one.

The RHS website even advises gardeners to think twice and "decide if you really want to combat these plants". But pretty or not, the common English daisy (Bellis perennis) is still a weed, and if you've got daisies in your garden, they're competing with your lawn for essential moisture and nourishment.


Lawn diseases

The grass in your back garden is a living thing, and just like human beings, lawns are susceptible to a variety of diseases.

If your lawn has been looking a little unhealthy of late, the cause may well be some kind of lawn disease. But there are lots of different conditions that can affect British lawns - so how do you identify what type of disease you're dealing with?


If you're a new homeowner - or if you just want greener grass in your garden - let our lawn care experts show you the ropes. We've included some excellent lawn care tips in this blog to show you how to take care of your lawn from day 1!

Green grass on lawn

Lawn maintenance can be tiring, time-consuming work. When you buy your first house, you may well yourself in the position of having to look after a lawn for the first time in your life - just one of the many joys of getting a foot on the property ladder! But don't be daunted. Once you've managed to establish a regular lawn care routine, you'll be surprised by how easy - and even enjoyable - this task it can be.


Bespoke lawn care

Every lawn is different, and what works in someone else's garden might not be quite right for yours.

The Lawn & Weed Expert team have been looking after lawns for many years now, so we know more than most about the importance of providing the right care for the right lawn at the right time.

That's why we always carry out a FREE lawn survey before undertaking any work in your garden. It's crucial for our lawn care specialists to familiarise themselves with the unique characteristics of your grass so that they can recommend the best course of action.


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