Winter Lawn Care & Protection

November To February

The rigours of Winter can potentially have a detrimental effect on your lawn. You must try to rest the lawn as much as possible during this time, particularly avoiding it when wet or frosty. Ensure leaves and debris are removed regularly for the perfect winter lawn protection & care.

Treatments May Include The Following

  • Aeration

    Commonly Refers To The Process Of Using Mechanized Equipment To Either Puncture The Soil With Spikes (Spike Aeration) Or Remove Approximately 1″X2″ Cores Of Soil From The Ground (Core Aeration). Spike Aeration Involves The Use Of An Aeration Machine With Spikes Up To A Foot Or More In Length. Spike Aeration Is Sometimes Used To Address Drainage Issues In Areas With Turf. Core Aeration Is Done On Turf Areas As A Means Of Reducing Turf Compaction, Reducing Thatch Build-Up, Improving The Infiltration Of Water/Nutrients, And Creating An Environment Where Grass Seed Can Have Direct Contact With The Soil.

  • Winter Feed Application

    Application Of Feed Elements.

  • Scarification

  • Moss Control

  • Insect And Pest Control

  • Disease Control

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