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Not happy with the health and appearance of your lawn? Frustrated with the results achieved when you use expensive lawn care products? Do you want expert lawn care professionals with over 20 years experience in lawn care, yard maintenance, and grass treatments to survey your lawn and discuss a cost effective method of controlling weeds and moss and improving the health and appearance of your lawn?

Our professional garden services in Cardiff use the highest quality products such as non scorch lawn feed and no harsh chemicals. Whether you are looking for a general weed expert, or qualified lawn expert advice, we have it covered. So why wait?! Get in contact with us today for the best lawn expert advice and lawn care in Wales.

If you need a specialist lawn care service, Lawn and Weed Expert can help! Lawn and Weed Expert with its lawn care and lawn weed treatment services can rescue even the most neglected lawns by killing and controlling domestic weeds, moss, evasive weeds and the conditions that encourage them. Our care is further provided to tackle the growing issues of Japanese Knotweed, using Japanese Knotweed removal & control services. Our Lawn Care Service is made simple, cheap, and easy if you use our services.

Our Treatments

We make lawns greener, stronger and free of weeds and moss. We fill in any patches of lawn and encourage long-lasting lawn health and growth. We have a variety of treatments that will ensure your lawn is in the best condition all year round. No matter what condition your lawn is in, we will be able to bring to life.

Our efficient and economical lawn care treatment service will economically improve both the look and condition of your lawn. We apply long lasting balanced slow release non scorch fertilisers to control weeds and moss. Our lawn care service provides you with a greener healthier looking lawn within just a few days and does not just make short term improvements.

Once you have contacted us, our team of experts will find a time, that works best for you, to meet and survey your lawn. We will do a complete analysis to find the best solution for you.

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Benefits Of Using Our Lawn Treatments

It helps prevent lawn diseases

There are many common lawn diseases in South Wales. Each disease thrives depending on the temperature and environment. Our treatments will be based on the recent weather conditions. Most diseases will have certain characteristics such as discolouration of the grasses, brown dry patches or signs of fungi (mushroom type growth).

Regular lawn maintenance can prevent these problems. It is vital that all turf related diseases are treated as soon as possible.

It helps control pests and weeds

If you don’t have regular lawn maintenance, these is a large risk it could become infested with damaging pests that will destroy your lawn. There is also the threat of unwanted weeds growing and leaving your lawn starving and eventually dying.

Regular lawn care maintenance detects and treats pests and troublesome weeds before they get out of hand.

It’s good for the environment

Grass plants, like regular plants, take carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into oxygen. Healthy lawns are incredible at producing oxygen. In fact, there have been some studies to suggest that a 25-square-foot area of healthy lawn grass produces enough oxygen each day to meet all the oxygen needs of one adult.

Our Experience

Our experienced staff have the relevant essential lawn care knowledge, and use professional systemic herbicides and modern slow controlled release coated granular fertilisers to improve the health and appearance of your grass. We also have many years experience controlling moss and removing the conditions that encourage moss. We have the appropriate equipment and techniques to scarify and Spike aerate your lawn to produce long term, effective results.

Our service is user friendly, efficient, effective, safe for children and animals and costs less than doing it yourself.

We have thousands of satisfied customers with either small or large in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and all over South Wales who have commended us on the cost of our service and the rapid improvements.

Our Free Lawn Survey

There are no contracts to sign and you pay as you go. You receive an invoice after each application has been carried out. In addition to treating weeds and moss we continue to keep your lawn healthy and attractive. When the next treatment is due we call you to arrange access. You do not have to be at home as long as we have access to your lawns. All you have to do is mow and water the lawn.

Areas We Serve

At Lawn and Weed Expert we provide specialist value for money lawn treatment services. We have been improving the health and appearance of various sized lawns from Chepstow, Newport, Monmouth, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Brecon, Abergavenny, Barry, Cowbridge, Bridgend Porthcawl, Swansea, Carmarthen and Haverford west in West Wales for several years.

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