Grass Aeration & Spiking Service

Soil – particular heavy, clay-based soil – has a tendency to become compacted over time. The soil particles get pushed closer together by heavy rainfall and/or foot traffic on the surface, and this makes it difficult for moisture and essential gases to flow freely and reach the roots of your grass. This can lead to poorly-developed roots, weak grass, and poor disease / drought tolerance.

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Waterlogged lawn? Lawn aeration may be the answer!

Compaction caused by heavy footfall and/or rainfall can create slow-draining areas that hold water and form puddles. Look for a sticky covering of paste-like soil on the surface of your lawn – if you see this, you may have a waterlogging problem.
Relief can be achieved by penetrating the soil to a depth of 4 inches, then filling the holes with sandy top dressing to act as miniature ventilation shafts, improving the flow of air and water to the grass’s roots.
This kind of work should be carried out in the autumn, with a potassium-rich feed used to assist root development.
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