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Lawn Watering Advice: Ask the Experts

How often should I water my lawn?

You should water your lawn heavily approximately 1-2 times per week rather than a small amount every day. Watering too frequently will keep the upper soil moist and encourage the grass’s roots to grow towards the surface in search of water. This makes the lawn less drought-tolerant.

Getting the moisture deep into the soil encourages deeper root penetration, and grass with long, healthy roots is better at coping with dry weather.

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How do I know when my lawn needs watering?

Lawns will begin to show signs of stress after approximately 1 week without moisture. A lawn that needs watering will start to lose its lush, shiny appearance, and eventually develop brown patches.

Here’s another tell-tale sign: if your grass stays flat after you walk on it, it is probably short of moisture. Grass wilts when it needs water, just like flowers do.
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