Chafer Grub Control in South Wales

Do you have a chafer grub problem you need to get under control?

Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we provide specialist chafer grub control services for outdoor spaces in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and the surrounding areas.

Chafer grubs are – fortunately – not a huge problem in South Wales due to the heavier clay soils we have here. However, lawns laid on sandy ground may be prone to damage from chafer grubs; the same goes for gardens in sandy light-soil areas such as Ogmore and Porthcawl. If your garden is susceptible to chafer grubs, it’s important you keep a close eye on your lawn to spot early signs of an infestation.

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Luckily, here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we are grub control specialists and have treated numerous lawns for chafer grub damage. If you’re in need of grub control services in South Wales, Contact us now for assistance. Get in touch today for a FREE grub control survey!