Is your lawn looking worse for wear this winter?

A certain amount of maintenance is needed to keep any lawn healthy and thriving. Since replacing your grass can be extremely expensive, using a lawn care company can actually be more cost-effective in the long run.


Worried that moss is taking over your lawn?

Often our gardens can end up looking scruffy and dull at this time of year. Lawn & Weed Expert can carry out a wide range of services in Swansea to keep it looking its best. That includes first-class moss control services. 


 can you aerate your lawn in winter

At any time of year, when the rains fall, you may notice your lawn becoming waterlogged. Fortunately, lawn aeration can help prevent this issue. With higher rainfall measured in the winter, you may be wondering: can you aerate your lawn in winter? Read on to find out!


are worms bad for lawns

The short answer is ‘no’. Worms are good for lawns, but worm casts are bad.

There are lots of worms in the UK, including 27 different species of earthworm. They can all help with soil health. The question is: can earthworms also be bad for lawns?


should i cut my grass in november

As winter sets in, the background hum of lawnmowers fades into the echoes of fireworks and carol singers. Occasionally, however, you might be surprised to hear a neighbour mowing their lawn in November. This begs the question: should you cut your grass in November?


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