what is mulching

If you're looking for a natural way to improve the quality of your soil and prevent weeds, mulching might be the answer. Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we believe mulching your lawn and garden at the right time of year can be very beneficial. Today we're going to walk you through the mulching process step-by-step so you can see exactly how it works!


what happens if grass gets too long

Tackling long grass can be a real challenge! When your grass grows past a certain length, you'll struggle to trim it with your normal lawnmower, in fact, trying to cut long grass with a lawnmower can cause some serious damage. So what happens if your grass gets too long? And what can you do to tackle it without destroying your lawn or lawnmower?  Let's find out...


Lawns have been popular among British homeowners for well over a century (read our blog on the history of lawns to learn how this happened). But the hectic pace of modern life can sometimes make it difficult to give one's lawn the care and attention it requires, and so a lot of people are now swapping the green, green grass of home for paving slabs and other hard landscaping materials that require relatively little upkeep.

Grass vs paving

Grass photo from Pixabay; paving photo from PrimaPorcelain.

If you're thinking of doing up your garden, you may be torn between the all-natural appeal of grass and the relative convenience of paving stones. To help you make up your mind, here are some pros and cons of both lawns and patios...


Turf over flower bed - before and after

The Lawn & Weed Expert team were in Bridgend last week. A customer of ours wanted to get rid of the empty flower bed at the edge of their garden, so we filled it in with soil and turf.


healty lawn, hollow tine aeration

As lawn care experts, we know that aeration plays a crucial role in keeping lawns oxygenated and preventing waterlogging. There are two main types of aeration that you can use to keep your lawn looking healthy. 

  • Hollow-tine aeration
  • Fracture-tine aeration

What is aeration? 

A quick reminder of what aeration is and why it's important. Aeration is a lawn treatment where the top layer of the soil is perforated with something sharp. this allows nutrients to penetrate deeper, allows surface water to drain away, and breaks apart compacted soil. It can even help to break up surface thatch on your lawn.

Over time, regular aeration can help to improve the overall quality and density of your lawn as well as preventing some lawn diseases - so don't forget to do it!


Hollow-tine aeration

This type of aeration is the most common and involves removing hundreds of 'cores' from your soil using (as the name suggests) a hollow tube. 

We always recommend that you leave the lawn plugs on the surface of the lawn to decompose and eventually filter back into the soil. We'd also recommend that you apply fertiliser to your soil straight away after you aerate your lawn this way.

Our Aeration Service > 

Fracture-tine aeration

Where hollow-tine aeration pulls plugs directly out of the soil, fracture-tine aeration uses blades to cut tiny slits into the surface of the grass.

The tines act like tiny spades and fracture the soil allowing air to penetrate under the surface. No soil plugs are removed during this process, leaving less mess on your lawn.

Further Reading:

If you have any more questions about hollow tine or fracture tine aeration, or if you'd like to arrange an aeration service, give us a call on 0800 111 4958.

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