Over the last few weeks, we've had yellow weather warning over large swathes of the UK and flooding has been a major problem!

Public transport has been disrupted, rivers have burst their banks and hundreds of homes have been affected. This is a stressful time for homeowners affected by the floods who will be left to try and pick up the pieces as we move into spring/summer. More...

Mowing the lawn


Not sure how to mow a lawn? Never done it before? Here's our step-by-step guide...


Water on grass

Grass doesn't need to be watered as much as other plants. It enters a state of inactivity when moisture reaches a critical level, then resumes growth once it receives water again.

There are several other sound reasons for choosing not to water your grass, including when costs are high, when reservoirs are not being adequately replenished or when watering may do more harm than good. More...

In the UK, there are hundreds of different garden pests. Controlling the spread of these pests before they damage your garden can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Knowing what pests to expect is the first step towards a pest-free garden. Here are some of the most common types of lawn pests to look out for while you're carrying out your garden maintenance.

Ants (Common Black Ants)

Ants are a common garden pest here in the UK. They have a habit of building their nests in your lawn and spreading into your home and around your garden in their hunt for food.

Worker ants work tirelessly to expand the nest and grow the colony resulting in large nests with intricate and extensive tunnel connections.

Ants can create mounds of soil, raised spots in your lawn and can promote weed & moss growth, that's why it's best to get them under control quickly.

Ant Control Services >




Moles are garden pests that live underneath your lawn. They don't eat the roots of your lawn, but they do cause serious structural damage underground. More...

If there’s one thing that us Brits know what to deal with, it’s rain, rain and more rain.

Waterlogged Lawn

Waterlogging, Redland Green by Derek Harper is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Unfortunately for us, we are more than used to our fair share of the wet stuff, so have become accustomed to working and living through it, especially our lawns. This often results in puddles and damp patches, known as waterlogging, that prevent us from taking part in our favourite garden past times, sports or simply enjoying the outdoors. More...

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