making a living from lawn care

Those of you with a passion for the great outdoors will understand how rewarding lawn care can be. Transforming a dry, patchy lawn into a carpet of green, flourishing grass is a fine art and it takes a lot of work and maintenance.

Most people don't have the time to keep their lawn looking its best, which is why they employ the help of a local lawn care company. Making a living from lawn care is easier than you might think. If you're thinking about a career change in the new year, we can help you start your very own lawn care company and turn your passion into profit. Here's how...


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Lawn care can be a lucrative business. UK homeowners like their grass green and healthy, so professional lawn maintenance services are always in high demand.

If you're thinking of entering the lawn care industry, you may be tempted to purchase a franchise in order to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. But the franchise route is rarely the best option; setting up your own lawn care business from scratch may sound like an intimidating prospect, but the results are likely to be preferable in the long run.


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At Lawn & Weed Expert, we are proud to have played a vital role in helping many people to make a living from lawn care. Our lawn care training courses allow just about anyone to learn the ins and outs of this industry - whatever your age and level of experience, we can teach you to carry out a range of essential lawn maintenance jobs and set up your very own business!

Over the past few years (and the last 12 months in particular) we have helped lots of people from all over the UK to pursue rewarding careers in lawn care. We frequently hear from former trainees once they've returned home and started their own businesses - to show you how easy and enjoyable it is to enter the lawn maintenance industry, we'd like to share some of the testimonials we've received recently.


Don't let the lockdown keep you from pursuing a rewarding new career in lawn maintenance!

Lawn care workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has been enormously challenging for small businesses, but the team here at Lawn & Weed Expert have done a fantastic job of adapting to the 'new normal'. Not only have we continued to offer our full range of lawn care services (click here to learn how we're staying safe), we have also been able to keep on delivering lawn care training to those who wish to set up lawn treatment businesses of their own.

In fact, we trained MORE people in 2020 than in 2019!


Green lawn grass

Lawn maintenance is a great career to get into. Training as a lawn care specialist allows you to earn a good living while maintaining a good work-life balance. This line of work is also relatively recession-proof; while we have had to adjust the way we work in order to observe the coronavirus safety guidelines, the Lawn & Weed Expert team have continued to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, our business has grown this year!

If you've decided that lawn maintenance is the right career for you, you might be tempted to buy a lawn care franchise. There are a number of reasons why this might seem like a good idea: you'll be trading under an established brand name, and you'll have the support of a company that's already made a success of looking after people's lawns. More...

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