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The coronavirus pandemic has put thousands of people out of work. British firms reportedly cut more than 139,000 jobs in June 2020, and new vacancies are few and far between. Employers in all sectors are tightening the belt right now, and certain industries - such as travel and live entertainment - have all but ground to a halt.

If you've recently been made redundant and there are no other roles available in your field of expertise, you may be wondering what on earth you're supposed to do now. One option is to retrain and switch to a different line of work - in fact, this could be an opportunity for you to carve out a more rewarding life for yourself.


Lawn care specialists

Whether you've recently been made redundant or you just want to do something different with your life now that you've hit the big four-oh, it's perfectly normal to feel like switching careers as you creep towards middle age.

But changing your profession at the age of 40 is an enormous life change. Where do you even begin? It's one thing to play to your years of experience and find a new job in the sphere you already occupy, but that's not enough for you - you want to shake things up and make the leap to a new career path entirely.

The first thing you'll need is training (after all, that new skill set isn't going to master itself!). Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we provide fast-track lawn care training courses for people who want to change careers and do lawn care for a living.


Bored of your current job? Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side!

Grass greener on the other side

If you're considering a career change, the team here at Lawn & Weed Expert can help you to break free of your dead-end job and start your own lawn care business!


Working outdoors

Working at a desk every day can get boring - especially if you've been doing it for your entire adult life.

If you're sick of your current job and you want to work outdoors, lawn care could be the ideal career for you.

In this blog, we take a look at lawn care and why it may be the best career for you if you find yourself saying "I want to work outdoors!"


What does a lawn care professional do?

Maintaining lawns for a living involves a range of different tasks, such as:

  • Applying fertiliser and lawn feed
  • Treating the lawn for moss and weeds
  • Looking for signs of common lawn pests
  • Re-seeding / laying fresh turf
  • Lawn scarification (what's that?)
  • Aeration and spiking (what's that?)

Sounds a lot more varied than spending all week cooped up in an office, doesn't it? And working outdoors is a lot better for your health, too - not only will you get more exercise, but you'll also have a better chance of avoiding the postural problems that come from sitting down all day.


How to start your lawn care career

Sound good so far? Here at Lawn & Weed Expert - an established lawn maintenance company with many years of experience - we offer lawn care training courses for people like you who want to enter the lawn game.

We'll teach you all the skills that a lawn care professional needs, plus we'll assist you with the setup of your new business.


The benefits of training with Lawn & Weed Expert include:

  • We can get you ready in as little as 5 working days

  • In addition to teaching you the skills you'll need in your new job, we can give advice on how to manage a business

  • We're not a franchise - you don't have to pay us royalties once you're up and running

  • You will have full control of your new lawn care company


A testimonial from one of our career changers...

"To anybody who's looking to enter the lawn care business, I can absolutely recommend going down the less expensive route of training with Rob and Dave at Lawn & Weed Expert. They will give you hands-on experience on the practical side, and all the necessary knowledge of the academic and qualifying knowledge you need to start your own business. I decided to go with them after doing much research into the various franchises available and coming to the conclusion: 'Why am I paying all this money to become a franchisee when I can do this for myself with help and training from these guys?' I am still in the lawn care business nearly 10 years on, and they are still there for me if need any help and advice." - Richard Hobday, Pennine Lawn Care

Ready to change careers and start working outdoors? Eager to get some fresh air and exercise from your daily grind? If this sounds like you and you like what you've read in this blog, then get in touch with Lawn & Weed Expert to discuss our training options and start your new career working outdoors.

How to Start a Lawn Care Business >>

Are you wondering how to grow a lawn care business from the ground up? Here we take a look at some simple marketing tips that make growing a lawn care business a walk in the garden, or park! 

Growing a lawn care business

Are you ready to turn your passion for lawn care into a lucrative business and leave your dull desk job behind? You couldn't have picked a better time! The demand for ground workers and lawn care specialists is set to increase by up to 20% over the coming years, so there's plenty of room for new emerging lawn care businesses to enter the market.

Managing and growing a lawn care business requires an understanding of some key principles, such as:

  • What your business' goal is
  • Who your target audience is
  • Where you've got the best chance of reaching them

Setting up and growing a successful lawn care business might seem like an impossible challenge if you've no experience in entrepreneurship but don't worry, here at Lawn & Weed Expert we've helped lots of people to build and develop their own lawn care franchises into well-established, successful businesses. So, we've got lots of lawn care business tips to help you on your way to success!


Tips on How to Grow a Lawn Care Business:

  1. Measure your business performance - Our first piece of advice will help you keep your growing lawn care business on track at all times. Setting your initial business goals is a vital step but making sure you're meeting them is equally important. Measuring your business progression will highlight areas that need improvement, reassure you that your lawn care business is moving in the right direction at all times and allow you to spot and resolve any problems quickly!

  2. Learn and adapt - Continuously measuring the success of your business is one thing, but adjusting your business strategy in response to your findings is what will really make your lawn care business grow. In addition to your monthly/quarterly/annual performance data, be conscious of changing seasons and trends, as these factors are likely to impact the number and type of customers who'll require your lawn care services. If you continually tweak your business to meet current demand, you'll always be one step ahead of the competition. Never become complacent with the business you're operating - there is always room for growth and improvement!

  3. Employ a trustworthy team - In the initial stages, you might choose to take on all responsibilities yourself: lawn care treatments, accounts, administration, marketing, and everything else that comes with running a business on your own. To help your lawn care business grow, however, you might want to employ others to help with different tasks further down the line. Be sure to employ people whom you can trust to provide a high-quality service to your new client base and keep things running smoothly.

  4. Client influence - One of the easiest ways to attract new customers is to ask existing customers to leave you a nice review, recommend your business to a friend, or come back for additional lawn care treatments in the future. You could offer loyalty rewards for repeat customers or deals for those who 'refer a friend' to expand your client base rapidly. In this day and age, it's very rare that people make a purchase or use a service without reading a few reviews first, so don't be afraid to ask your clients for Facebook, Google or Trustpilot reviews too.


And there we have it! A few simple tips on how to grow a lawn care business aimed to help you get to grips with your new business and drive your all-round management to the next level.

If you are interested in starting a lawn care business of your own, Lawn & Weed Expert can provide training and support to help you get off the ground. We'll even help you get to grips with the marketing side of things!

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