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Nourishing Summer Treatment for Your Lawn

Looking to keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the summertime?

Lawn & Weed Expert can provide a specially-designed bespoke summer lawn care treatment programme to make sure your grass continues to grow healthily during the warmer months.

Our bespoke summer lawn treatment services are available throughout South Wales, including Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea.
Our summer lawn treatment service is safe, efficient and cost-effective. Get in touch now to request a FREE lawn survey.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Keep your lawn healthy during the hot, dry UK summer months with our summer lawn care tips!

Summer’s coming, and soon everyone will be inviting their friends over for barbecues and garden parties. If you want to get your lawn ready for the hottest time of the year, here are some pointers from the Lawn & Weed Expert team:

Mowing the grass during summer

In the summer grass can grow very rapidly, so it’s recommended that you mow your lawn once or twice a week to stop it looking unruly and to encourage good grass health. Read our lawn mowing tips for more information.

It’s important to remember not to mow the lawn if the grass is wet as this may damage the soil and roots beneath. Also, refrain from cutting it too short as this will weaken the grass and make it more vulnerable to weeds and other invaders.

Watering your lawn in the summer

Even in the UK, there is less rain during the summer months than the winter months. If grass goes too long without water, it will stop growing and begin to turn brown, so be sure to keep your lawn hydrated!

Most of the time, there’ll be enough rain to maintain your lawn’s health without any intervention from you. But pay attention to the weather and be ready to water your lawn during extended rain-free periods.

Fixing a hard, dried out summer lawn

You might notice the ground in your garden turning hard if it hasn’t been watered for a while. If this happens, give the soil a thorough spiking with a garden fork before putting any water on it – this will enable the water to seep into the soil and hydrate it rather than just running off.
  • How often should I water my lawn in summer?
  • Be careful not to water your lawn too frequently in the summertime (or at any other time of year, for that matter). Watering too often will result in a shallow root system, meaning that your turf will be weaker and dry out more quickly. Overwatering can also encourage weeds, moss and diseases to flourish during summer.

    Limit watering to twice per week to encourage deep root penetration. Water in the morning when the air is cooler – if you water your lawn on hot summer afternoon, the water may simply evaporate away before it has time to penetrate the soil, and watering in the dark, cold evenings can encourage fungi growth.
  • How do I choose the right lawn mower?