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Lawn Pest Control in Cardiff & South Wales

We provide lawn pest control services for clients in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and throughout South Wales. If you have an insect infestation in your garden, our experienced lawn maintenance specialists can identify the problem and treat it using an appropriate insecticide.

What is a turf pest?
A turf pest is simply a small creature that lives in your lawn and feeds on your grass and grass roots. They cause significant damage and discolouration and can ultimately kill your lawn if left untreated.

When should I treat lawn pests?
Lawn pests usually appear during the late summer and early autumn months, this is when you should pay particular attention to your lawn and its inhabitants.

Why should you treat lawn pests?
Unfortunately, lawn pest infestations can go unnoticed for weeks because many lawn pests originate and thrive underneath the soil. We recommend taking action the minute you detect a lawn pest infestation might be developing in your lawn to prevent extensive damage.

With our Free lawn surveys, you can quickly identify lawn pests and pursue an appropriate course of action to resolve the problem.

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