Professional Scarification Service

Lawn scarification is an essential part of any garden maintenance programme. Without it, your lawn will be highly susceptible to diseases caused by natural bacteria in the soil.

We at Lawn & Weed Expert have more than 20 years’ experience helping customers across South Wales to keep their lawns in tip-top condition. We use state-of-the-art garden scarifying equipment to ensure that your grass stays healthy all year round.

Our lawn scarification service is efficient, affordable, and highly effective. Contact us today for a FREE lawn survey.

Why is lawn scarification important?

If dead moss and grass stalks are left undisturbed on your lawn they will turn into thatch (a build-up of dead organic matter that lies on the soil surface). Thatch prevents the flow of moisture to the grass roots, and can thus end up weakening and even killing the grass in your garden. During wetter periods – i.e. autumn and winter – it can also create damp, humid conditions that encourage moss growth and promote grass diseases and fungus.

Vigorous lawn scarification will remove thatch from your lawn and allow the grass underneath to grow normally again. If your lawn feels thick and spongy, scarifying your garden may be necessary to remove the layer of thatch.
Our lawn scarification service is available in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, as well as most other locations across South Wales. Call Lawn & Weed Expert on 0800 111 4958 to arrange a FREE lawn survey.