how did lawns become a status symbol

It's hard to believe that once upon a time, only the rich and famous could afford to have a lawn. Nowadays, most family homes have a garden, and if they don't, there's usually a communal park or green area only a short walk away.

Hundreds of years ago, having a lawn at the front of your property was a status symbol (much like having the latest iPhone is today) but not many people know why lawns were so symbolic of status. Was there something special about these lawns that made them so different to ours? Surprisingly not! Let's find out how lawns became a status symbol and why...


how to diagnose lawn problems

Have you noticed something unusual on your lawn? Perhaps the grass has changed colour, mushrooms have appeared, or an army of bugs has taken up residence. Noticing something is different or wrong with your lawn is the first step towards diagnosing a lawn problem. Identifying a lawn problem and seeking professional help is the best way to ensure your lawn stays strong and healthy all year round.


what causes thatch in lawns

As someone who keeps a close eye on your lawn, we're sure you've seen a layer of thatch appearing over the spring-summer months, but what causes it? Well, there are a few different things that cause lawn thatch, but the most prominent is an imbalance of microorganisms and fungi in the soil. When your soil lacks these cultures, it's incapable of breaking down the dead organic material on the surface of the soil. Over time, the organic matter builds up and becomes matted together, creating lawn thatch. This isn't, however, the only cause of lawn thatch...


what is cultivated turf

When it comes to choosing turf for your garden, cultivated turf is especially favourable. Why? Because cultivated turf is grown in fields and cared for using specialist equipment. Turf specialists select the best turf seeds and species for their crop so the resulting turf has desirable qualities. The resulting turf can then be harvested for use elsewhere.

For example, if you want a hardy turf that can be used on sporting grounds, a cultivated turf that's made of hard-wearing grass species is the way to go. Lawn specialists will select the right species and care for them until they're mature and well-established, this improves the chances of the turf surviving once it's been laid.


Man in PPE spraying herbicide

SHORT ANSWER: When we treat weeds with our broad-spectrum systemic herbicides, they usually die and decompose within 14 days.


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