lawn replacement

There are a lot of scenarios that can lead to you needing a lawn replacement. Whether your existing lawn has been irreparably damaged, you've moved into a house without a lawn, or you simply fancy a change from your current patio or decking - a lawn replacement service can really bring your garden space to life. Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we've been replacing lawns for people across Wales and southern England for decades! If you think you could benefit from our lawn replacement service, just keep reading.


moss growing in garden flower bed

Moss can affect any lawn in any season, particularly if the conditions are damp and shady. While moss can be a problem any time of year, it becomes more prevalent in the winter months, when the weather conditions are prime for moss to flourish.

Although moss isn’t as unsightly as some common weeds, if left untreated, moss can dramatically impact the health of your lawn. Moss competes with your grass for growing space and can spread, leaving your grass with less and less space until it is completely suffocated. The moss physically smothers the grass roots, making it difficult for the grass to take in any sunlight or essential nutrients.

While moss isn’t always 100% preventable, there are steps you can take to strengthen your lawn and make it a less appealing environment for moss, reducing the chances of moss growing on your lawn.


snowdrop growing in bed of snow

In the UK alone there are over 500 different types of weeds that can be found on our lawns. All of these weeds are unique, and have different life cycles and appear at certain times of the year.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you’re probably wondering how many of these weeds are active throughout the winter months. Well, let’s get into it!


october lawn care tips - autumn leaves on a healthy october lawn

October is a beautiful time of year – the trees are erupting in beautiful displays of red and gold, the animals are preparing for hibernation, and that unmistakable chill in the air is letting you know that it’s time to start applying your autumn lawn care.

The autumnal weather brings a change of climate that you need to prepare your lawn for, but the arrival of autumn also means that winter isn’t far behind. Winter is undoubtedly a difficult time for a lot of lawns, and autumn is your last chance to strengthen and boost the health of your lawn to give it a better chance of staying strong throughout winter.


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