what is lawn thatch

If you're wondering why your grass isn't looking as green or hasn’t been growing as well recently, you might have lawn thatch. This can be a big problem if left untreated. Fortunately, there are things you can do to remove it and get your grass back to optimal health. Keep reading to find out more about lawn thatch and how to get rid of it.


What is lawn thatch?

Lawn thatch is the build-up of dead organic matter, such as moss and grass stalks, that sits between the surface of the soil and the fresh grass.

A thin layer of lawn thatch isn't a big deal, but it becomes a real problem when the thatch gets too thick. Generally, anything thicker than half an inch will need to be treated to stop it becoming detrimental to your lawn’s health.


Why is lawn thatch a problem?

Thatch in your lawn will prevent the flow of moisture and block vital nutrients from getting to the grass roots. This can significantly weaken and even kill the grass in your garden.

Thatch can also create an ideal environment for lawn diseases and unwelcome pests. Particularly during wetter periods, lawn thatch can create damp, humid conditions that promote lawn diseases and fungus.

A thick layer of lawn thatch will also make it harder to mow your grass properly, resulting in an uneven lawn.


How to identify lawn thatch

Thick, spongey grass is an immediate indicator of lawn thatch. To make doubly sure, you can check for thatch by using a hand hoe to pull back a small area of the grass (make sure you dig down to about an inch beneath the soil). If you notice a thick layer of brown, dead grass above the soil, get in touch with a lawn care specialist to treat the problem as soon as possible.


How to remove thatch from your lawn

The best way to remove lawn thatch is a process called scarification, which pulls any dead moss and thatch out of your lawn. This can be done using a garden rake, but the most effective method requires powered machines. Here at Lawn & Weed Expert we use state-of-the-art garden scarifying equipment to ensure that your grass stays healthy all year round.

This method will likely make your grass look worse before it starts to look better, but this is just a natural part of the process. Scarification is a long-term fix and, once your lawn has recovered, it will be looking healthier than ever before.

Professional Lawn Scarification Service


For more information on lawn thatch and scarification, get in touch with our experts today! We can provide you with a FREE lawn survey to best advise you on which course of action will work for your garden.

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