august lawn care tips

We're sure that many of you have garden parties, BBQs and pitchers of Pimms planned for the month of August. Of course, there are still a lot of restrictions on pubs and restaurants, so people are making the most of their gardens - which is great! With that in mind, we want to help you make sure your lawn is in tip-top condition before your guests arrive. 

Summer is the time when your lawn will be growing most rapidly. The additional hours of sunshine and the occasional showers create the perfect conditions for your lawn to thrive, so extra steps should be taken to stop your lawn from looking unkempt and unruly.

It might seem a little early to be thinking about the damaging effects of autumn and winter, but the effort you put in now can really help to prepare your lawn for colder months ahead. So what lawn care activities should you be planning to do this month?


Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we are often asked by both our clients and homeowners why mushrooms sometimes grow on their lawn. We understand that as a homeowner you may not have any knowledge of mushrooms, and a sudden outbreak may be cause for concern, however, the professionals at Lawn & Weed Expert are here to tell you it is not! The reasons why lawns get mushrooms are usually positive

mushrooms on my lawn


For many businesses up and down the country, the lockdown imposed as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a mountain of problems, with many having to close their doors for an indefinite period of time. For some, however, the lockdown has caused business to boom, with the trade for a number of companies multiplying by as much as four times on the previous year! 

Businesses that fall into this category include those that supply homes and business with artificial grass. With many homeowners especially having extra cash laying around due to holidays being cancelled, the number of gardens and outdoor spaces being renovated has soared. A simple but extremely effective way to improve the aesthetics of an outdoor space with the benefits of low-maintenance makes artificial grass an extremely popular choice for many but what are the drawbacks?

Here we look at some of the potential problems you can experience with artificial grass.

Problems with Artificial Grass


Ant hill

Nobody likes finding ants in their home, but they can cause a lot of problems in the garden, too.

For one thing, anthills aren't very aesthetically appealing - if you take pride in your pristine lawn, those little mounds of earth can be infuriating!

And not just because of how they look. Ant mounds make your lawn uneven, which can make it difficult to cut the grass cleanly.

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There's nothing worse than heading out to your garden on a hot summers day to relax on your lush, green lawn and finding it full of weeds! Okay, maybe there is, but we do know how annoying it can be when this does happen. Luckily, you can bring your lawn back to life by removing all of the weeds and bringing your turf's health back to tip-top shape. There's no need to worry, however, Lawn & Weed Expert is here to help make this whole process as quick and easy a possible. 

My Lawn is All Weeds


In order to successfully remove weeds from your property, it helps to have an understanding of how the weed killer you use actually works. But first, you will need to know what type of weed killer you are using. These are often categorised into the following types; selective, non-selective, systematic and contact weed killers. Before using any type of weed killer, be sure to research exactly what type it is and whether it not it is suitable for your specific gardening needs. Oh and also ensure you read any directions given to you by the manufacturer in order to gain maximum effectiveness. 

How Does Weed Killer Work


If you're a homeowner who likes to spend your time in the garden, you'll know how much effort it can take to get your lawn up to scratch. You'll know that achieving a lush, green grass doesn't just happen, it takes time, care, attention and the use of proper, effective tools. None more so than the right lawn mower.

To the average person, a lawn mower is a lawn mower, but for anyone who knows anything about gardening or lawn care, you'll know that the right lawn mower can make all the difference when it comes to getting the grass of your dreams (seriously, some people dream of it). And with so many types of mower available, it can cause quite the headache when deciding which is best for you but no more! Lawn & Weed Expert are here to help with our definitive guide on the different types of lawn mower, so you can decide for yourself which is best suited for you, helping you on your path to achieving the grass you've always wanted. 

Types of Lawn Mower


Mowing the grass

When you're mowing the lawn, you may notice that the mower leaves a trail of grass clippings in its wake. This is sometimes a sign that your mower's grass box needs to be emptied.

But what should you do about those grass clippings? Your instinct might be to pick them up and compost them, but wait - didn't you read somewhere that it's good for the soil to leave those clippings where they fall?


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