For many businesses up and down the country, the lockdown imposed as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a mountain of problems, with many having to close their doors for an indefinite period of time. For some, however, the lockdown has caused business to boom, with the trade for a number of companies multiplying by as much as four times on the previous year! 

Businesses that fall into this category include those that supply homes and business with artificial grass. With many homeowners especially having extra cash laying around due to holidays being cancelled, the number of gardens and outdoor spaces being renovated has soared. A simple but extremely effective way to improve the aesthetics of an outdoor space with the benefits of low-maintenance makes artificial grass an extremely popular choice for many but what are the drawbacks?

Here we look at some of the potential problems you can experience with artificial grass.

Problems with Artificial Grass



One of the biggest problems associated with artificial grass is the cost of it. Synthetic lawns aren't cheap to install, no matter how good of a deal you think you may have. There are several costs that you need to consider before installing artificial grass, these include:

  • The removal of any natural grass you have 
  • Preparing the ground for installation 
  • Purchasing the artificial grass 
  • Labour costs 

Before you know it, what may have seemed like a cheap and easy outdoor improvement can quickly turn into a large dent in the back pocket!

Unexpected Heat 

Did you know that artificial grass retains a lot more heat than natural grass? Well, it does. And because of this, coupled with not having a cooling effect like real grass, that air and space around artificial grass can and does feel much hotter. Not only this, when walking barefoot on artificial grass during a hot summers day, you will also feel a lot more heat underfoot. This is something that is often forgotten about, especially families with young children and pets. 

Weed Growth 

One of the biggest reasons home and business owners choose to install artificial grass is because it offers really good low-maintenance properties, such as not having to de-weed your lawn. However, some tougher weeds still have the ability to grow underneath and through your turf. Forgetting to install a weed membrane could mean that weeds are still a problem and will have to be dealt with.

Drainage Issues 

When it comes to installing artificial grass, drainage issues are one of the worst problems you are likely to encounter. An artificial lawn installed with a poor drainage system will collect and retain water in all of the wrong places and result in puddles, which is the last thing you'd want on your brand new grass! If this isn't dealt with quickly, it can quickly lead to a very expensive problem. 

Not as Soft as You Think 

When it comes to artificial grass, there are a lot of varieties available to choose from, with each one designed for a specific use. This poses a potential issue as installing the wrong type of artificial grass can cause more problems than you think. For example, it can hurt if you fall or if you're playing with pets and small children, which can cause skin abrasions. This is something that really needs to be considered, especially for families with young children. 

Environmental Damage 

One of the many benefits that real grass lawns offer is a positive environmental impact. Not only do they supply much-needed oxygen, but they also absorb dust and carbon dioxide and put carbon into the soil, supporting a whole ecosystem both underneath and above the turf. This is something you simply do not get with synthetic lawns. As a result, the environment and wildlife begin to suffer. For example, the number of urban butterflies and bees are slowly decreasing with artificial lawns said to be one of the many factors at play.


Here we have some of the top problems you may encounter with artificial grass. What may initially seem like a cheap and easy improvement to your garden, could quickly turn into a nightmare if not dealt with properly. This is why the experts here at Lawn & Weed Expert would advise choosing real, natural grass over artificial grass when looking to improve and renovate your outdoor space. With proper management and care, an organic lawn will make your outdoor space look better than any artificial lawn could!

If management and care of natural grass are one of the reasons why you'd prefer to choose a synthetic lawn, why not leave it to the professionals to take care of? Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we offer professional and thorough lawn care services that guarantee to leave your grass looking in tip-top shape no matter the time of year! You can learn more about our services below. 

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If you would like more information on our lawn care services or potential problems you're likely to face with artificial grass, then please get in touch with a member of our team today.


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