Chafer grubs

Chafer grubs are the larvae of chafer beetles. The grubs live in soil and eat plant roots, which may cause problems if you have chafer grubs in your lawn.

Lawn & Weed Expert offer a professional chafer grub control service - if you've found these unwanted guests in your garden, give us a call on 0800 111 4958 and we'll get rid of them for you.


A healthy green lawn

There are countless different lawn fertiliser products on the market, and trying to select the right one for your grass can be a bit of a headache.

In this blog, we're going to take a look at some of the different types of fertiliser you can buy for your lawn - but remember, if you'd rather leave it to the professionals, we offer a specialist lawn fertilisation service that's tailored to meet your lawn's unique requirements!


We recently provided a lawn scarification service for a customer in Caerleon. As a result, the lawn's appearance has visibly improved - take a look at these before and after photos!

Lawn scarification before and after

Lawn before (left) and after (right) scarification

As you can see, this lawn used to look a little bit patchy, but we worked our magic and it's looking a lot greener now!


Dandelion weed

As we've discussed previously (see What Makes a Plant a Weed?), there's no hard and fast rule to say which plants are weeds and which aren't. The word 'weed' can refer to any plant that's growing in a place where it isn't wanted.

Of course, some plants make weeds of themselves more often than others - see our list of common UK garden weeds for some of the most widespread examples.


Rain on grass

After a very hot and dry spring, some parts of the UK have seen heavy rain over the past few days. There's a good chance that your lawn is rather wet right now - so what does this mean for your regular mowing schedule?

We've already explained why you shouldn't mow your lawn during periods of dry weather. But what about wet weather? Is it OK to cut the grass when it's been raining?

Here's the short answer: no, you should not mow your lawn after rain. If possible, wait until the grass is dry before you attempt to cut it. (Once you can walk across your lawn without getting your shoes wet, you can get the mower out.)


Dying grass

Wondering why your lawn is turning brown? There are all sorts of possible reasons for dying grass - if you're going to diagnose the problem, you're going to have to look closer at what's happening in your garden.

Here are some of the most common causes of dying grass...


Lawn care questions

If you're thinking of paying someone to take care of your lawn, it's wise to ask a few questions before you part with any cash. There are quite a lot of cowboys in this industry, and you don't want to put your lawn's health in the hands of just anybody.

Fortunately, it's fairly easy to find out whether or not your lawn care specialist genuinely knows their stuff. Before you hire a lawn care company, ask them the following questions...


Lawn care specialists

Whether you've recently been made redundant or you just want to do something different with your life now that you've hit the big four-oh, it's perfectly normal to feel like switching careers as you creep towards middle age.

But changing your profession at the age of 40 is an enormous life change. Where do you even begin? It's one thing to play to your years of experience and find a new job in the sphere you already occupy, but that's not enough for you - you want to shake things up and make the leap to a new career path entirely.

The first thing you'll need is training (after all, that new skill set isn't going to master itself!). Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we provide fast-track lawn care training courses for people who want to change careers and do lawn care for a living.


Back garden with lawn

Gardens sell houses - at least, that's what new research from Rightmove says.

As a general rule, properties with gardens have always been worth more than those without, but this is truer than ever right now. Thanks to the events of the past few months, demand for outdoor space has soared to an unprecedented high.


Lawn weeds are a year-round nuisance, but they can be particularly pesky in the summertime. Long, warm days create ideal growing conditions for many varieties of weed, and periods of drought can limit your lawn's ability to compete with other plants.

Lawn with bindweed

Photo by wht_wolf9653 (Flickr)

Here are some common UK lawn weeds that tend to flower during the summer:


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