staying safe during the covid-19 pandemic

Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we take our staff & our customers' safety very seriously. Like a lot of businesses, we've had to make a few changes to the way we work so we can keep offering you the same great lawn care services during the coronavirus lockdown. Here you can find information about the measures we have in place, so you know that our services are being carried out safely.

Telephone/Email Arrangements

One of the easiest ways for us to keep you safe is to limit our contact with you. Thanks to modern-day technology, we can get in touch and make arrangements for your lawn care treatments remotely. Our friendly team of staff is on hand to answer your phone calls and emails so that your questions are cleared up before we visit your property.

Observing Safety Guidelines

We're always keeping an eye on government guidelines to make sure our practices and procedures are up to date. Over the past year, we've made continuous changes to the way we work so that our services can keep running smoothly. Some examples of the changes we've made include:

  • All of our staff members are wearing masks when interacting with people
  • Sticking to social distancing guidelines in the office and on location
  • Keeping hands, vans, and equipment clean

Limiting Contact with Customers

One of the great things about lawn care is that it exclusively takes place outside. This means we can enter your garden, get our jobs done, and be on our way without having to knock on your door. Our teams are really missing their catch-ups and cuppas, but there'll plenty of time for us to chat again in the future! For now, we'll do our bit to keep your garden looking its best while you stay safe and relax indoors.

Keeping Staff Separate

Another way that we're keeping everyone safe during this troubling time is by encouraging our staff travel in separate vehicles. There have been occasions where this isn't possible, but we've got a make-shift solution for that scenario too! You may have seen the plastic screens being used to separate office desks - well we've retrofitted similar plastic screens in our vans to separate the front and back sections.

Don't worry, we've given them walkie-talkies so they can still chat and keep each other company on longer journeys. Keeping our staff physically separated on journeys is just another way that we're implementing safe COVID-19 practices while we work.

Now you know what we're doing to keep operating safely - why not enquire about some of our specialist services? Spring is almost here, so now's a great time to thinking about your lawn care for 2021.

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