Don't let the lockdown keep you from pursuing a rewarding new career in lawn maintenance!

Lawn care workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has been enormously challenging for small businesses, but the team here at Lawn & Weed Expert have done a fantastic job of adapting to the 'new normal'. Not only have we continued to offer our full range of lawn care services (click here to learn how we're staying safe), we have also been able to keep on delivering lawn care training to those who wish to set up lawn treatment businesses of their own.

In fact, we trained MORE people in 2020 than in 2019!


How have we continued to offer training during lockdown?

Work-related training courses are classed as essential travel, so even under the strictest lockdown measures, our learners have been permitted to come over from other parts of the country and train with us here in Cardiff.

We are partnered with a nearby B&B, who have been providing COVID-compliant accommodation for our trainees during their stay in South Wales (usually 5 days, although you can train for longer if necessary).

During training sessions, our lawn care experts follow the latest government guidelines in order to limit the risk of coronavirus transmission. We also arrange regular testing to make sure nobody involved in your training is COVID positive.

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Feedback from someone who trained with us during the COVID-19 crisis

Darren recently completed a week-long training course with the Lawn & Weed Expert team. He came to us because he wanted to set up his own lawn care business instead of giving his money to a lawn care franchise, and he felt that we were the best people to help him get started.

Here's what he had to say afterwards:

"Thanks for such a good week - I couldn't have asked for more. The whole process was explained and put into practice; it was very easy to digest, and if you don't pick something up straight away, it will be explained again to make sure you get it.

"The training notes were easy to read, and when it came to actually doing the job, everything fell into place - even for me, coming as I had from a different background (gas engineer). The supplier details provided by Lawn & Weed Expert have proved very useful, and each supplier has been really helpful as soon as I've mentioned the company's name. I dread to think what stage I would be at now without your guidance - I'm so glad I didn't go down the franchise route.

"It was also good to see how much you all cared about COVID-19. Everybody was tested each day, which put my mind at ease and made me feel confident that you were doing things the right way.

"Finally, I would like to say thanks for putting me in touch with the bed and breakfast. The lovely couple who run it couldn't have been more helpful, and it's in a great spot with great rooms (very clean, all COVID rules followed). I will definitely go back when life returns to normal as it's such a nice area.

"I would certainly recommend Lawn & Weed Expert's training."

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