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At Lawn & Weed Expert, we are proud to have played a vital role in helping many people to make a living from lawn care. Our lawn care training courses allow just about anyone to learn the ins and outs of this industry - whatever your age and level of experience, we can teach you to carry out a range of essential lawn maintenance jobs and set up your very own business!

Over the past few years (and the last 12 months in particular) we have helped lots of people from all over the UK to pursue rewarding careers in lawn care. We frequently hear from former trainees once they've returned home and started their own businesses - to show you how easy and enjoyable it is to enter the lawn maintenance industry, we'd like to share some of the testimonials we've received recently.


What our trainees say...

"Having now been in business for over 6 months, I can honestly say it was the best decision I made investing with Lawn & Weed Expert. The two weeks I spent with Rob and his team taught me everything I needed to know about treating lawns: how and when to apply treatments, where to source the equipment and materials I would require, how to market my business to new customers, maintaining accounts and databases, etc. Essentially everything that the well-known lawn treatment franchises would provide, but at a fraction of the cost."

Richard from Cambridgeshire


"I was a complete novice in all things lawn related when I went on Rob's training course. I found him (and his family) to be really welcoming and willing to work around my schedule. The training was excellent, covering not just the basics of lawn care but also how best to promote my business, how to manage the back office, and how to manage the customers. Rob is always available at the end of the phone for advice and support. I wholeheartedly recommend his training."

Andrew from North West England


"Rob Higgins provides an invaluable insight into running a lawn care business. His training gave me the confidence in 2 weeks to move forward with my own lawn care business with the back up of Rob and Dave's years of experience for the launch and start-up phase. I have the reassurance of being able to answer everyday stuff which crops up when you start working on customer's lawns. I have total ownership of a successful lawn care business, gaining 120 customers in 10 months, with no ties to a franchise. However, I do have business support from Lawn & Weed Expert. I recommend anybody who is considering their own business or wants to start up in lawn care to go and speak with Rob."

Simply Green Lawn Care Company


"In March 2011, Rob and his team trained myself and my 'other half' in all aspects of lawn care services and associated administration. We received invaluable, no-nonsense training on the whole range of operational activities which apply to each season and circumstance. We received help with marketing, pricing, suppliers, systems and so much more. What has, and remains, most helpful has been the ongoing support and advice at any time, long after our formal training and contract was finished. We received all of this at only a fraction of the normal franchise price, and we have retained our ability to operate anywhere at all, apply any treatment program of benefit to the lawn and customer, and all without restriction or royalties - great for us.

"Here we are, 4 Seasons Lawn Treatments Ltd - only 9 or 10 months on - and we already have more than 300 regular customers, largely residential but some commercial premises too. Our business or customer projection plan for the next 5 or so years will see us grow from strength to strength. If horticulture is your business or your passion, I recommend that you take it that one step further, consider lawn care and contact Rob and Team. They are top."

John Farrar - Director, 4 Seasons Lawn Treatments Ltd


Could you be our next trainee?

If you - like the above professionals - have an interest in lawn care and are thinking about undertaking professional training to start your own business, Lawn and Weed Expert are here to help!

Click below to learn all about our lawn care training courses and how we can help you to set up and successfully manage your own lawn care business.

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