Chafer Grub Killing & Control Services

.Larvae or grub of the chafer beetle. Fortunately not a huge problem in South Wales due to the heavier clay soils we have in the area. Lawns laid on ground prepared with sand can be prone to damage from chafer grubs as will gardens in sandy light soil areas such as Porthcawl and Ogmore.

Grub Appearance

The grubs have a creamy white, plump, curled shrimp like appearance with 3 sets of legs and brown mouth parts. They are the size of a 20 pence piece and live just below the soil surface eating the roots of your grass. The eggs are laid in the spring and the larvae or grubs hatch and eat the roots of the grass. The chafer grubs continue to eat the roots of the grass until they hibernate in the winter.

Tell Tale Signs

Obvious tell tale signs are areas of turf browning the areas damaged can rapidly increase in size as the grubs continue to eat. In some cases the damage is so great and quick it is possible to lift sections of turf off the ground and roll it up like a mat as the grass roots have been disconnected from the turf.

Birds swarming on the lawn pecking the turf is another sign that you have some infestation as the grubs are a popular food source for birds and even foxes and other wildlife as large as badgers eat the grubs.

Damage increases as the numbers and size of the chafer grub increases through the summer. They prefer sandy soils and will borrow deeper into the soil during periods of cold weather from November onwards.

If you think you have chafer grub problems call us and we can offer advice and help identify the cause of your problems.


Treatment is relatively simple and inexpensive but not generally available. The relevant pesticide must be applied by a competent professional. Once applied the treatment is usually fully effective within 72 hours. Lawn and Weed Expert has treated numerous lawns for insect damage. In addition, we are also stopping the damage increasing, controlling the cause of the problem. We can assist or offer you lawn advice to help you repair your damaged lawn.

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