Late Winter / Early Spring Lawn Treatment

Early spring may be the most important time of year for your lawn.

There is plenty of moisture about and the ground is starting to warm up again as winter gives way to springtime.

The grass plant responds to this change by growing vigorously, and your lawn will require the right mixture and amount of nutrients to take full advantage of the growing conditions.

Why do I need a spring lawn treatment?

If your grass is short of food in the late winter / early spring, it will not grow healthily. Our spring lawn feed programme includes a carefully-measured application of specialist fertiliser to ensure that your lawn has sufficient nutrients to sustain vigorous grass growth throughout this crucial time of year.

Weak grass allows moss and weeds to develop, whereas healthy, rapid grass growth will limit weeds. We also apply a systemic broad-spectrum liquid herbicide to control common weeds such as dandelions, buttercups, daisies, etc.
Our early spring lawn treatment service is available in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and many other locations across South Wales. Contact us today to arrange your FREE lawn survey.

Need Some Lawn Care Advice?

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