Lawn Turf Laying Services

Garden Turf Supply & Laying

Want good quality turf laying by experts to give you a healthy looking lawn?
If you are landscaping a new garden or you just want to replace flower beds or tree stumps with attractive turf.

Lawn and Weed Expert offer a variety of professional turf laying services for your garden. We have over 15 years experience working with clients to create the perfect lawn. Why wait any longer? Get in touch today for greeners and healthier looking garden turf.

If you are thinking about artificial turf – artificial grass (some people incorrectly call it Astra Turf). Think carefully and ask the supplier how long it will stay green before the ultra violet rays in the sun bleach it yellow? Artificial grass is not cheap so you want to make sure it will last more than a few years.

Lawn & Weed Expert Before & After Turf Laying

Professional Turf Specialists Near Me

Please contact us for a free lawn survey, or quote before you decide to remove your old lawn, turf laying or to reseed your existing lawn.

  • We will even tell you how to save money by showing you how we may be able to rescue/ improve your existing lawn and avoid paying for a new lawn – even if your lawn is full of weeds and moss we may be able to save you money and salvage your lawn.
  • We supply and deliver turf to people and lay hundreds of square metres of lawns per year.
  • Our quotes are free of charge and easy to read.
  • We can even put a treatment program in place returning periodically to keep the lawn looking good after we have laid them.
  • We use hard wearing utility turf that is ideal for the local conditions.
  • Our prices for turf and for installing are great value for money and our teams are experienced, quick efficient and clean up leaving the premises like they found them.
  • We can provide you with an easy to read very competitive written quote and can lay a new lawn within 10 days of you contacting us – in many cases we can be there in less time.
  • We can level and over seed lawns – scarify them to remove dead moss and thatch. We spike and aerate lawns to relieve compacted soil and improve surface drainage – we also install drainage.

Call us for a free survey tell us how large the area you need turf for and we will send you quote by email or text.

Our lawns look really good but do you really need to spend money on a new lawn?

Expert Gardening Supplies

We may be able to save you lots of money by treating your existing lawn and improving the appearance by applying professional fertilisers to improve the health and condition of your lawn or grass.You may think your lawn is beyond repair but we can salvage lawns at a much lower price than it would cost you paying for new turf. Lawn and weed expert are very experienced at controlling -killing – removing weeds from lawns using safe but effective selective systemic herbicides that kill weeds including their roots.

Turf Laying Services Near Me

We provide turf supply and laying services throughout Cardiff, Newport, Vale of Glamorgan, Swansea, Port Talbot, Neath, Merthyr, Maesteg, Bridgend, Porthcawl, Cowbridge, Barry, Penarth, Pontypridd, Monmouth, Chepstow, Caldicot, Abergavenny, nearly everywhere with a CF NP or SA post code.

We also provide artificial grass services in Newport, as well as across South Wales. Whether you are looking for turf in Bridgend, or turf supply and lay in Cardiff, we have it covered.

Insect Removal & Control

Leather jackets and Chafer grubs can destroy a lawn in less than 10 days. It is important that you are made aware of what to look out for and identify the tell-tale signs of leather jacket (Crane fly larvae) of Chafer grub infestations?

All lawns less than 5 years old can be susceptible to attacks from crane fly larvae or leather jackets. Crane fly can lay thousands of eggs in the summer the eggs hatch out and the larvae start to eat the roots of the grass. If the grass roots are young succulent and tender the larvae can destroy or damage the root and the grass will die from lack of moisture. If the grass is older and more established the roots are tougher and bitter and the larvae cannot damage them.

WE ALSO HELP PEOPLE LOOK AFTER THEIR LAWNS by telling when to cut and how much to cut and when to water etc.

Please email and ask us for our information sheets  “Basic Lawn Care Tips”.

CALL: 0800 111 4958