Unique Lawn Care Business Opportunity

Majority of the benefits but none of the drawbacks of a franchise!

Want to begin a unique business opportunity in lawn care franchising? We have the perfect solution for you, but first let us find out if it works for you.

Q: Do you want to start your own business but want to avoid heavy investment and high risk?

Q: Have you thought about starting your own lawn care treatment company ?

“I did and I have never regretted it.”

Q: What is the market for lawn care like, do the public really know what it is?

The market for lawn care is growing. As people become busier there is an increasing customer demand for good professional lawn care services.

We continue to grow our own business and add several hundred new customers to our list each year.

Q: What if I do not want to commit a lot of money starting my own business?

Start up costs are relatively low compared to the huge potential sales and profits that can be generated.

“I started with one van working from home and now operate 4 vans out of an industrial unit. My working capital ( money tied up in the business) is relatively small compared to the sales and profits.”

Q: How much will I need to be able to start a lawn care business?

The basic equipment and materials required cost just a few thousand pounds yet there is the potential to generate a business with a turnover of several hundred thousand pounds within a few years.

“My business has several thousand customers, it is profitable, providing me with a good income and it continues to grow in size.”

Q: How will I learn to run a lawn care business, particularly analysing and treating lawns?

You will need to learn how to operate your business but we can assist you by training you. (Some people are good at the technical aspects but poor on admin and marketing. Others are good on admin and marketing but poor on the technical side.)

“We train our own staff and continue to develop new techniques and use the latest products from the major manufacturers as we continue to make sure the service we offer our customers reflects the latest developments in the industry.”

Q: I want to start a lawn care business, but what are my options?

There used to be just two options.

Option 1: Go It Alone & Start with No Guidance

Pluses and minuses: No up front franchise costs therefore low capital required but potential risk due to lack of knowledge, experience and training which could result in wasting a lot of valuable time and money learning from your mistakes. If you make too many expensive mistakes it could result in your business failing!

Option 2: Buy a Franchise

Pluses and minuses: Spend a significant amount of your capital (possibly even burrowing to finance the purchase) buying a lawn care franchise and get the short term benefit from the franchisors experience and knowledge.

The negative side of this is you may have to lock your self into a fairly rigid franchise agreement that is difficult to leave and you will continue to pay royalties on every £ of sales irrespective of your profitability. Franchise support is useful in the first few years but as the business grows and experience is gained support becomes less important. Paying royalties can be frustrating and build resentment.

Both of the above options have their attractions to certain people. However the vast majority want the training and support but do not want to commit to a long term arrangement that involves diluting their profitability by paying royalties off their sales and committing to signing a contract every 5 or so years.

There is a 3rd option offering a unique opportunity…

Lawn and weed expert is trying to offer a third option to anyone interested in starting their own lawn care business. We have and operate a successful business. The success has been due to our determination and hard work. We have however made a lot of mistakes as we have grown our business. The important thing is we have learnt valuable lessons from our experience.

  • Train you in the all the relevant aspects of lawn care and how to manage a lawn care business.
  • Advise on what equipment and materials to buy where to buy them and how much to pay.
  • Ensure that you start off by using the most cost effective products and equipment that we use.

Show you how our proven methods generate customer enquiries and how to convert those enquiries to customers using the methods we use in our successful business.

We will advise you how to create a data base management system and basic sales and supplier invoicing system. As you business grows you will probably require a dedicated data base management system/ We put you in touch with our software consultant for you future reference.

In short you will benefit from our experience and we will ensure that you start your business without wasting the time and money making the same mistakes we made when we started.

Unlike a franchise you will not pay any royalties on your sales. The business you decide to start is 100% yours for as long as you wish to operate. Once we have given you the advice and training to start your company you are your own boss but with us available to help and advise when you have a problem.

You will not be allowed to use our name or branding or benefit from our web site etc unless by prior agreement. Neither will you be allowed to train any one else.

Q: How do I know Lawn and Weed Expert have a successful business?

Come down and visit us and see our operation. We will not put you in a plush office and talk to you about our business showing you forecast projections. You can come down and watch the staff working in the business until you are satisfied that we know what we are doing. I would advise you to carry out as much due diligence about us as you can. We have nothing to hide and we want people to come into this business with their eyes open. We will not be able to show you the detail of how we operate our business but you should be able to satisfy your self that we have a profitable operation and will be able to train you to operate your own business.

Q: Can I start my business part time or do I have to go full time?

The decision is up to you and your circumstances. If you want to start off on a part time basis and gradually build your business up while you still have an income from other sources then you can. Most franchises will expect you to be full time – we let you decide. If you want to go full time then you will probably be able to focus on the business and make it grow faster.

Q: What is the cost of the training with Lawn and Weed Expert?

Bearing in mind the average lawn care franchise costs £15 — £25k (prices applicable at the time I wrote this letter) we only make a nominal charge of £3.5k for our training course. Please bear in mind, you are not committing to paying royalties etc. Accommodation and travel costs have to be arranged and covered by the trainee. At the end of the course we will have shown you how we market our business to generate customer enquiries, survey lawns and convert enquiries into customers. How we treat lawns and advertise. What products and equipment we use and how we manage the accounts and administration.

Q: How long is the course?

We estimate that we can cover all relevant areas within 10 working days.

Q: What if I require more training?

We do not take your money, train you for 10 days and then say good bye to you. If you require additional training you can arrange to spend more days with us covering a range of areas. The extra training is free of charge the only expense will be your personal accommodation and traveling costs.

We will also be available to support you over the phone and by email.

For a no obligation chat, or to find out more about our unique opportunity visit our Lawn Care Franchises Site by clicking here.

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