when should I kill weeds in my lawn

In the quest for the perfect lawn, you're probably wondering when and how to kill the weeds that relentlessly crop up, year after year! Timing your weed killer application perfectly can help ensure you kill the maximum amount of weeds & preserve the quality of your lawn. So when should you kill weeds in your lawn? Let's find out...

The best time to apply weedkiller

If you want to kill weeds in your lawn, you should apply weed killer when the weeds are in their 'fast-growing stage'. If you apply the weed killer too early in the year, it's likely that the treatment won't be very effective. If you wait until most of the weeds have started to grow through, you can guarantee that your weedkiller will come into contact with as many of the unwanted plants as possible. 

So, when is the 'fast-growing stage' for weeds? Like most plants, typical garden weeds grow the most during spring and into summer. That means the best time to apply weed killer to the weeds in your lawn is between May and June. If you can arrange a weedkiller treatment in May, you'll give yourself plenty of time to monitor the lawn and check that all the weeds have been dealt with. If you notice them starting to come back as we transition into the summer months, you can follow up with a second treatment.

Assessing if you should apply weed killer

If you're unsure whether you've missed the deadline to apply weedkiller, or if you want to check whether your lawn and weeds are ready for a weed killer application - ask yourself the following questions:

When was the last time you fertilised the lawn?

Before applying weed killer you should make sure the lawn has been properly fertilised. This helps to ensure that the grass that remains has plenty of nutrients to continue growing strong & healthy. Give the fertiliser a couple of days to kick in before you apply weedkiller.

What's the weather forecast like?

Weed killer works best on soil that's slightly damp, but not wet. If it's just rained, or is due to rain over the next day or two, postpone your weed killer application for a couple of days. Excessive water will dilute your weed killer, making it less effective. Similarly, avoid applying weed killer if it's freezing cold or scorching hot. You ideally want mild weather conditions to apply weed killer.

When was the last time you mowed your lawn?

Applying weed killer to a freshly cut lawn is not idea - it's better if the weeds have had chance to start growing back through so that more of the plants come into contact with the herbicides. We would recommend leaving your lawn for 2 to 3 days after cutting before applying a herbicide. Following the application, you should not cut your lawn for at least a week. This gives the weed killer chance to penetrate the soil properly without being disturbed. 

If you're struggling with weeds in your lawn and looking for a professional solution, the Lawn and Weed Expert team can help! We use broad-spectrum, systematic herbicides that aren't available to the general public. This weed killer is highly effective! 

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