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Weed Control Without Killing Grass


Here we go again, the age old battle between man and weeds.  They are sprouting up all over the place and without proper control, can quickly take over your lawn.

Having your lawn free of weeds without killing your grass is really simple and we are going to show you how. With our industry leading lawn care advice, you are guaranteed to effectively control your weeds without killing grass.

How To Kill Weeds

No more weeds

To properly kill weeds, they must be eliminated at the roots. They can be dug up by hand and there a number of weed tools that can help out with this.

However, if your lawn has a lot of weeds, this can be extremely hard work. Plus, if a little bit of the root breaks off while pulling it out, it will grow back again.

You will have the same problems sooner rather than later.

Here are some other methods to keep unwanted weeds away from your garden.


This is the most common solution to killing weeds in your garden. There are a number of products you can pick up off the shelf that will kill the weeds but not your grass.

They soak into your soil and target the weed roots directly, meaning there is no chance of them growing back.

Remember: always wear gloves and goggles when using a herbicide.

What about if you have weeds growing close to your plants and flowers?

Isolate the weeds by placing a cover around them. An empty 2 litre plastic bottle will do perfectly. Cut off both ends and place it over the weed. Then just start spraying down the bottle. This way, there is no risk of the chemicals splashing onto your plants.

Salt Water

This particularly effective for killing weeds in those hard-to-reach places, like in between patio slabs. Boil a small jug of water and mix in some salt. Pour it directly over the weeds to kill them.

Alternatively, bring out your salt can and sprinkle it on them that way . Then wait for the rain to handle the absorption.


Another great remedy for getting rid of weeds in your garden and even the driveway paving. Kill weeds permanently with full strength white vinegar. Fill up a spray gun and squirt the vinegar on the shoot of the weed and also at the ground to kill it at the root.

Vinegar has the most effect in the early season as part of your spring lawn care plan.

However, be careful not to spray it on your plants. Vinegar is highly acidic so can easily kill them if you’re not careful enough. You could use the bottle method we described earlier to be on the safe side.

Plant Oils

These act as a natural herbicide and work in the same way as using vinegar.  Plant oil is most effective when applied to smaller and younger weeds.

Apply them early and your weeds will cease to survive.


Alcohol can be used to make an easy homemade weed killer. Use something strong like a vodka or whiskey. Mix a shot of alcohol (or two for extra strength) with some soapy water into a spray bottle and apply it to the leaves of the weed.

The alcohol breaks down the waxy cuticle on the leaves. This leaves them prone to damage from the sun. Do this on a warm, sunny day when the rays are strongest for maximum effect. Because it relies on sunlight, it won’t work in the shade.

Don’t forget to attack the roots as well.

Baking Soda

This is a very safe method for weed killing. Grab a handful of baking soda and sprinkle it over your garden weeds and watch them die. The high levels of sodium in baking soda has the same effect as applying salt.

For weeds coming out the sides of concrete and patios, pour the baking soda onto the tiles and sweep them into the gaps.


This amazing product can do more than stop all your hinges from squeaking. Spray this over your weeds and at the ground for their roots and they will be gone in no time.


Another simple lawn treatment to keep weeds away is by applying a thick layer of mulch. This will keep weeds from breaking through the soil and getting that all important sunlight they need to grow.

Without the sun they will die so adding a few inches will be enough.

Before putting the mulch down, for extra protection, you could add an extra layer before applying the mulch. Use something large but thick enough to be resist the weeds from breaking through. An old mattress cover or scraps of carpet would be ideal.


Similar to how mulch works, it prevents weeds from growing. But, as straw breaks down, it fertilises your soil, enriching your grass to make it stronger and greener.

Straw acts so well as a fertiliser, you can even grow vegetables in it.

Outnumber The Weeds

This garden care method is both effective and easy on the eye. Plant ground covers and flowers that will guarantee to outgrow your weeds and they simply cannot survive.

This method is most effective when weeds are in the early stages of their life cycle. In the plant world, it’s all about competition for space and sunlight. If you don’t give weeds the resources they need to grow, they will die.

Place your competing plants as early in the weeds’ life as you can.

Get Rid Of Your Weeds Forever

A lawn full of weeds robs your beautiful garden of life by taking up all the nutrients.  Plus, they are just unsightly.

These methods will enable your lawn and garden to become, and remain, weed free. Any weeds that want to live in your garden will think again by the time you are done with them.

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