Leatherjackets - the larvae of crane flies - are a common garden pest here in the UK. If you've never witnessed the damage that these grubs can do to a lawn, well, here's a photo:

Lawn damage caused by leatherjackets


Ant hill

Nobody likes finding ants in their home, but they can cause a lot of problems in the garden, too.

For one thing, anthills aren't very aesthetically appealing - if you take pride in your pristine lawn, those little mounds of earth can be infuriating!

And not just because of how they look. Ant mounds make your lawn uneven, which can make it difficult to cut the grass cleanly.

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Chafer grubs

Chafer grubs are the larvae of chafer beetles. The grubs live in soil and eat plant roots, which may cause problems if you have chafer grubs in your lawn.

Lawn & Weed Expert offer a professional chafer grub control service - if you've found these unwanted guests in your garden, give us a call on 0800 111 4958 and we'll get rid of them for you.


If you take pride in your garden and lawn, the damage that birds cause can be a real nightmare. So, why are the birds attacking your lawn in the first place? The answer is... insects!

Hungry birds love to forage for food and lawns usually harbour some tasty treats like chafer grubs and leatherjackets. Essentially, your lawn looks like a 5-star restaurant to every jay, magpie or blackbird that flies by.

By pecking holes in your lawn, the local birds are able to get their beaks into the soil and claim their squirmy snack. Of course, over time, these holes start to build up and can cause long-lasting damage to your grass. So if you need to deal with birds digging up your lawn, here's what to do...

Treating the Infestation

Stopping birds from digging up your lawn is fairly easy. Cut off their food source and they'll have no reason to lunch on your lawn anymore! Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we offer a range of pest control services that will help eradicate the problem quickly. Select one of our pest services below to learn more:

Other Problems

If you leave your infestation un-treated, you'll end up dealing with a myriad of problems related to these pests. Chafer grubs and leatherjackets are known for eating the roots of your lawn just under the surface of the soil. This can cause brown patches to start appearing and, in worst-case scenarios, some areas of lawn might come away from the ground completely.

Worse still, an untreated infestation of pests might start to attract bigger predators that can cause significant damage to your lawn. Foxes and badgers will happily feast on lawn grubs and will dig deep into the soil to retrieve the tasty grubs. 

With this in mind, if you suspect you have an infestation of insects, give us a call now! We can survey your lawn FREE of charge, helping you to determine the best course of action to stop birds digging up the lawn. 

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lawn care sully

Keeping your lawn in tip-top condition can be a tough task for any working man or woman, whether you’re nine to five or otherwise.

When it comes to the fast-paced lifestyle of 21st-century living, downtime is often in scarce supply and the garden can often find itself bottom of the priority list.

Luckily, for the good folks of the Sully area, help is at hand and that hand comes fully equipped with some seriously green fingers!


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