Lawns have been popular among British homeowners for well over a century (read our blog on the history of lawns to learn how this happened). But the hectic pace of modern life can sometimes make it difficult to give one's lawn the care and attention it requires, and so a lot of people are now swapping the green, green grass of home for paving slabs and other hard landscaping materials that require relatively little upkeep.

Grass vs paving

Grass photo from Pixabay; paving photo from PrimaPorcelain.

If you're thinking of doing up your garden, you may be torn between the all-natural appeal of grass and the relative convenience of paving stones. To help you make up your mind, here are some pros and cons of both lawns and patios...


If you've been looking into selling your home, you've probably heard the phrase 'kerb appeal' being mentioned. A huge amount of homeowners don't realise just how important kerb appeal is, but your potential buyer can lose interest in moving forward with your house before they even step through the door if they see something that they don't like. We Buy Any House have looked at the common problems that put potential buyers off and what you can do to avoid and resolve those issues!

Front lawn of a detached house

1. Look at your front door

Your front door should welcome in your potential buyers, but it can have them wanting to leave straight away if it's not in good condition. The door to your home is so important, and there are a couple of things that you can do to make it stand right out and increase the interest of your potential buyers. If your front door is old, a bit worn or quite scuffed, you might look at replacing it.


Grassy lawn in back garden

If you're thinking of selling your house and you want to make the property more appealing to potential buyers, you may be interested to learn that a well-kept lawn can make a big difference.


Back garden with lawn

Gardens sell houses - at least, that's what new research from Rightmove says.

As a general rule, properties with gardens have always been worth more than those without, but this is truer than ever right now. Thanks to the events of the past few months, demand for outdoor space has soared to an unprecedented high.


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