healty lawn, hollow tine aeration

As lawn care experts, we know that aeration plays a crucial role in keeping lawns oxygenated and preventing waterlogging. There are two main types of aeration that you can use to keep your lawn looking healthy. 

  • Hollow-tine aeration
  • Fracture-tine aeration

What is aeration? 

A quick reminder of what aeration is and why it's important. Aeration is a lawn treatment where the top layer of the soil is perforated with something sharp. this allows nutrients to penetrate deeper, allows surface water to drain away, and breaks apart compacted soil. It can even help to break up surface thatch on your lawn.

Over time, regular aeration can help to improve the overall quality and density of your lawn as well as preventing some lawn diseases - so don't forget to do it!


Hollow-tine aeration

This type of aeration is the most common and involves removing hundreds of 'cores' from your soil using (as the name suggests) a hollow tube. 

We always recommend that you leave the lawn plugs on the surface of the lawn to decompose and eventually filter back into the soil. We'd also recommend that you apply fertiliser to your soil straight away after you aerate your lawn this way.

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Fracture-tine aeration

Where hollow-tine aeration pulls plugs directly out of the soil, fracture-tine aeration uses blades to cut tiny slits into the surface of the grass.

The tines act like tiny spades and fracture the soil allowing air to penetrate under the surface. No soil plugs are removed during this process, leaving less mess on your lawn.

Further Reading:

If you have any more questions about hollow tine or fracture tine aeration, or if you'd like to arrange an aeration service, give us a call on 0800 111 4958.

how do garden weeds spread

Spring is quickly approaching which means garden weeds will be back with a vengeance. One of the main problems with garden weeds is that they have a tendency to crop up all over the place! Understanding how weeds spread can help you keep your garden as weed-free as possible in 2021. 

Birds and animals

One of the main ways that weeds spread around the garden is with the help of birds and animals. In order for weeds to spread, their seeds need to be moved from one location to another, this is where the animals can lend a helping hand. For birds, seeds are an attractive snack. Seeds are eaten by birds and eventually make their way out the other end, this is how a large proportion of weed seeds get spread around. 

Of course, birds aren't the only carriers of weed seeds. Other animals like dogs and cats can get seeds caught in their fur which later fall on the ground in a different part of the garden. To help prevent this kind of localised weed spreading, you can eradicate the weeds in your garden quickly, or put some kind of barrier in place to keep the animals off the plants.

weeds spread in wind, dandelion

Carried in the wind

Some weeds have seeds that are light enough to be carried around the garden on the breeze. Dandelions in particular are often culprits of this! How many times have you picked up a dandelion clock and blown it into the wind? Well, this kind of seed dispersal is very common and contributes to a lot of new weeds cropping up every year. Where possible, discourage young children from playing with the seed heads of weeds if you want to keep their seeds out of the wind and off your lawn!


Although you might think that you're the last person who'd contribute to the spread of weeds (after all, you spend most of your life trying to get rid of them) you can, inadvertently spread seeds around. Seeds can hook onto your clothes as your gardening, seeds can get trapped in the tread of your boots, and seeds can even get stuck to the mud on your bike tyres.

If you traipse through the garden after coming into contact with garden weed seeds in one way or another, then it's likely that you'll contribute to the spread of weeds in your garden. You might even see some new and foreign species spring up after a walk or bike ride through a remote area.


While this is more of an uncommon method of weeds spreading, it does still happen. Sometimes when fields and roads flood, the water picks up seeds from weeds all around the area and carries them to a new location. When the water eventually drains away, the seeds settle in their new home. 

However the weeds have spread around in your lawn, you don't have to put up with them! Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we offer a comprehensive weed control service that will help you get developing weeds under control quickly.

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A healthy green lawn

Lawn feeds contain a number of essential nutrients that keep grass green and healthy. The most important of these are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K).


are birds good for your garden

Seeing birds in your garden is a sign that you're doing things right! Birds are important creatures that contribute to a healthy garden & they're attracted to diverse and healthy gardens. The key to a flourishing garden is to make sure that every plant and organism in it is fully supported within the eco-system. When the balance of wildlife in your garden shifts you can end up with infestations amongst other problems. That's why it's important to entice birds into your garden all year round.


leaving a tree stump in the ground

If you've decided to cut down a tree in your garden, you might be wondering if you can leave the stump in the ground. In this blog, we'll explain what can happen if a tree stump is left in the ground and advise you on the best way to remove the tree stump once and for all.

The problems with leaving a tree stump in the ground

While the task of removing a tree stump might seem daunting, there are some serious downsides to leaving it in the ground.


First of all, a living tree stump might start to sucker, this is where new trees start to grow from the roots that are left in the ground. The last thing you want when you've paid to have a tree felled professionally is to find another one growing up in its place within a matter of weeks!

Fungus and rot

If your tree stump has died, then you won't need to worry about suckering, but you will need to worry about potential fungus and rot. As with all living organisms, dead trees start to decompose after a very short time. Leaving a rotting tree stump in the ground is unsightly, especially if fungal growths start to form.

Best time to remove your stump

Tree stumps in your garden can be removed at any time after felling, so even if you decide to leave a tree stump in the ground initially, you can always choose to have it removed at a later date. Your tree surgeon might use a stump killer to prevent suckering, so it's likely that your tree stump will be dead by the time you come to remove it.

Our stump grinding service

So, you've decided you don't want to leave an unsightly tree stump in the ground. What are your options?

In a previous blog, we took a look at a few things you can do with a tree stump to make it more of a decorative feature. However, if a birdbath, game board or planter doesn't take your fancy, it might be time to enquire about our stump grinding services.

We use specialist machinery to grind the stump down and turn the excess wood into chippings. This won't disturb the garden around the stump, and will also provide you with home-grown chippings to mulch your soil with. 

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Remember, we also offer a wide range of other lawn care services to help you keep your garden in tip-top condition all year round. Feel free to enquire about a full lawn and garden care package if your outdoor space is in need of some love!

Contact us now for a FREE lawn care survey. We'll give you a quote for your stump grinding as well as our recommendations for your lawn maintenance. 

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