are birds good for your garden

Seeing birds in your garden is a sign that you're doing things right! Birds are important creatures that contribute to a healthy garden & they're attracted to diverse and healthy gardens. The key to a flourishing garden is to make sure that every plant and organism in it is fully supported within the eco-system. When the balance of wildlife in your garden shifts you can end up with infestations amongst other problems. That's why it's important to entice birds into your garden all year round.


Insect Control

One of the biggest problems that we treat in gardens is infestations of bugs like grubs and leatherjackets. Birds that visit gardens are great at finding these critters in the soil and plucking them out as a tasty snack. This dramatically reduces the chance of your lawn being destroyed by an infestation of insects. Birds also eat aphids, mosquitos and caterpillars, all of which are known for damaging the plants in your garden!

Birds are a completely non-toxic method of controlling pests in the garden, so encouraging them into your space with a bird feeder or bird table is a good idea. During the warmer months when the baby birds start to hatch, adult birds remove thousands of insects from your lawn in a single day to feed them.


Weed Control

Did you know that birds can also contribute to weed control in the garden? Certain seed-eating species like sparrows tend to eat the seeds from weeds before they have a chance to spread around your garden. While this weed control method might not kill existing weeds, it can help to reduce the number of weeds you need to address at a later date.

There are lots of ways to attract birds into your garden, for example, adding a feeding station to let them know your garden is a 'safe space'. There are even some plants that you can grow that will encourage feathered friends into your garden including ivy and sunflowers.

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Can birds cause damage to your lawn?

While it's great that birds help to treat lawn infestations, the process of pecking down into the lawn can create some unsightly holes and bald patches. If your lawn is well-maintained, there shouldn't be too many bugs in it, so the effects of birds pecking the lawn should be fairly undetectable. However, if you do have an underlying infestation of grubs and critters then you might find birds digging up large areas of your lawn to retrieve the tasty treats. 

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If you've noticed birds digging up your lawn, we advise getting your lawn checked for pests! Treat the pest problem and the birds will keep off your grass. Get in touch with our specialist lawn care technicians today.

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