winter garden birds

When the temperature drops it can be a little less tempting to pop in the garden and enjoy nature. Nonetheless, there lots of different winter garden birds to be seen if you do fancy wrapping up warm and going out to look for them. In today's blog, we're going to explore some of the most common winter garden birds in the UK.

The Robin

Let's start with the nation's favourite, the robin. These cheerful little chaps are known for their friendly temperament and their association with Christmas. Do you know why we associate robins with Christmas?

Well, it all started during the Victorian era when postmen would deliver mail wearing big red jackets. People gave postmen the nickname 'robins' and before long a connection was made between the delivery of gifts and cards and the sweet red-breasted birds.

The robin is one of the only bird species that sing all year round... no wonder it's been voted the nation's favourite bird for several years on the trot!


The Goldfinch

One of the most unmistakable winter garden birds is the goldfinch. With a bright red face, yellow wings and striking red markings, you'll spot these winter garden birds at your bird feeders right away. Goldfinches will eat all kinds of seeds but they're particularly big fans of niger seed.

This is the perfect offering for them during the winter months because niger seed is rich with oil. This helps to keep the calories in the goldfinches diet high, even when other food sources are scarce.


The Goldcrest

Next, we have one of Britain's smallest breeding birds, the goldcrest. As you can see, these tiny little birds can easily fit in the palm of your hand - how adorable!

During the winter months, they tend to nest in the dense coniferous woodland trees where they can use their tiny beaks to prise insects out from between pine needles. If you want to keep an eye out for these winter garden birds in your garden then look out for the striking gold stripe on the top of their head.  


The Waxwing 

The waxwing is definitely up there as one of the most regal looking winter garden birds. They have delightfully sleek feathers and a tuft that makes them stand out from other birds in the bush. They often come to Britain when conditions further north become intolerably cold. Their main food supply (berries) can become very scarce when the temperature drops, so they flock to our cotoneaster and rowan trees to feed where it's warmer. 

Waxwings are very friendly... perhaps not as friendly as robins, but you can definitely get close to them if you're quiet and you have the patience. They're really worth looking out for in your garden this winter. 

So, there you have it. A selection of winter garden birds to keep your eyes peeled for over the next few months. While you're out in the garden, don't forget to look at your lawn and make sure it's coping with the change in temperature. We have a wide range of winter lawn care services that can help to preserve your lawn through these challenging months.

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