Frosty lawn grass

SHORT ANSWER: Avoid walking on your lawn when there's frost on the grass. Grass becomes more brittle in cold temperatures, and walking on it may damage your lawn.

Winter is almost upon us, which means that you may well see some frost on your lawn very soon.

A frosted lawn may look very pretty, but it should be admired only from a distance. Walking on your grass at this time of year can do a lot more damage than it would during the warmer months.


Lawn mower

Cutting your grass regularly is important if you want a neat and healthy lawn. We recommend getting the mower out twice a week during the summer months, and once a week in spring and autumn. (Check out our Lawn Mowing Tips for more information.)

Of course, lawn mowers - like any piece of technology - sometimes malfunction, and it can be quite alarming when they do. Picture the scene: you're out in the garden, mowing your lawn and enjoying the scent of the freshly-cut grass, when suddenly a cloud of smoke billows out from under the mower.

There are a number of possible reasons why a lawn mower may start blowing smoke, and you will need to diagnose the problem before you can fix it. So let's do some troubleshooting...


A lawn that's mostly weeds

Weeds can conquer a lawn very rapidly. It doesn't take years and years of neglect for weeds to get a foot in the door; even very house-proud people who take excellent care of their lawns will occasionally find unwanted plants growing amid the grass.

If you haven't been keeping on top of your weeds - to the point where your lawn is now more weed than grass - then restoring your overrun garden to its former glory may seem like a hopeless task. But it is possible to fix a lawn that's mostly weeds and take steps to ensure that it won't happen again.


Man in PPE spraying herbicide

SHORT ANSWER: When we treat weeds with our broad-spectrum systemic herbicides, they usually die and decompose within 14 days.


Lawn care can be a lucrative business. UK homeowners like their grass green and healthy, so professional lawn maintenance services are always in high demand.

If you're thinking of entering the lawn care industry, you may be tempted to purchase a franchise in order to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. But the franchise route is rarely the best option; setting up your own lawn care business from scratch may sound like an intimidating prospect, but the results are likely to be preferable in the long run.


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