autumn weed control

Keeping your lawn looking its best during the autumn months is a massive challenge. It's a time of year where fewer sunlight hours and colder temperatures are starting to creep in and it can have a really detrimental effect on your lawn.

Very quickly moss, weeds, and pests can quickly take over if left unchecked. Some people simply close the door on their garden for the autumn/winter months and decide to deal with the problems in Spring... but we highly recommend getting on top of your lawn care in autumn

During autumn, weeds divert their energy into their roots, so even though the weeds in your lawn might not appear to be getting worse above ground, it's highly likely that they're establishing a deep root system underground. One this root system is established, you'll have a hard time eradicating them. Catching them early is key!

Why Choose An Autumn Lawn Service?

There are few people who want to head out into their gardens on an evening to deal with an ongoing weed problem, especially now it's dark by 6 pm. The beauty of hiring the Lawn and Weed Expert lawn care professionals to do your autumn lawn care for you is threefold. 

1. Our autumn weed control service comes with a side of other helpful treatments including, moss control, a check for lawn diseases and the application of a low-nitrogen potassium-rich fertiliser to rejuvenate your soil.

2. Having worked in the lawn care industry for years, our lawn care specialists will be able to see if there are any problems that are likely to need addressing again in Spring. You can then book a return appointment so you still won't have to worry about your lawn then.

3. And finally, our lawn care experts can attend your property at a time that suits you. They'll get the job done quickly and efficiently while you sit inside and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Sounds good right?

Lots of people assume that they can't book their autumn weed control services because of coronavirus. But here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we've put procedures in place to make sure our technicians can continue to work in a safe and appropriate manner. Give us a call to find out more.

Keeping your lawn weed-free this autumn shouldn't cause you a headache. Our team can provide you with an Autumn weed control and lawn feed service that will keep your lawn fit and healthy. 

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