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When it comes to garnishing your house with yuletide trimmings and festive cheer, there are few artistic additions that make a seasonal statement quite like outdoor Christmas decorations.

From homely holly wreaths gloriously gracing the front door to stunning icicle lights majestically hanging from your roof, bringing the Christmas spirit to you outside space can be hugely effective.

But what about the garden itself? What’s the best way to inject some holiday glee it your outdoor plot? Well ponder no more, people!

Lawn & Weed Expert is taking a break from treating grass and tackling turf to bring you a sackful of seasonal tips to turn your garden into a winter wonderland.



Christmas Garden Decorations

If you’re looking to bring your garden to life with Christmas spirit this yuletide, look no further than these festive suggestions to add some seasonal magic to your outside space.


outdoor christmas decorations

Pathway Lights

Placed either side of your garden path, festive pathway lights create a wonderfully wintry channel that leads all the way up to your front door.

These lights come in a variety of designs; however, our personal favourite is the Christmas tree design, complete with LED lights.

Each pathway light comes with a metal spike on the bottom, allowing them to be rooted securely in the grassy ground beneath.

Meanwhile, if your path doesn’t feature a surface suitable for piercing, you can create the same effect by filling plant pots with soil and placing them either side of your path.

Available as a set of four at Argos.


outdoor christmas decorations

Snowflake Projector

Hanging Christmas lights from your rooftop can be an arduous and lengthy task. Worse still, it will also require equally arduous and lengthy removal come January.

A great way to avoid these chores yet still reap the radiant rewards of the season is to invest in a stunning snowflake projector for your garden.

These simple to use outdoor illuminators allow you to beam snowflake patterns directly on to your house, creating the ultimate festive visual.

Effortlessly achieved, simple installed and equally simple to pack down, these plug and play additions never fail to make a fantastic wintry impression.

Browse these festive projectors and more online at The Range.


wooden sledge

Vintage Appeal

You don’t need to take the high-tech route to festivise your front lawn. In fact, going old-school can bring a classic feel of authenticity to your outdoor design.

Why not add some retro flair to your festive decorations by accessorising your outside space with vintage wintry items?

Something as simple as placing an old wooden sledge against the wall by your front door can really bring a sense of Christmas class to your outdoor design.

Why not wrap your sledge in a festive garland or even add a wreath to enhance its classic appeal and really bring this throwback feature to life?

A variety of vintage sledges can be found at Connox.


christmas garden decorations

Acrylic Additions

A Christmas classic that’s becoming increasingly popular across the nation with every passing year, acrylic ornaments shaped like your favourite festive animals have become a staple of outside yuletide design.

From jolly snowmen to prancing reindeer, the range of designs isn’t short on variety. You can just as easily pick up a prowling polar bear, a family of penguins or even a sparkling unicorn!

With an innate ability to brighten up any outdoor space and bring a smile to even the biggest of Scrooges, these glowing garden additions are the perfect complement to any Christmas garden design.

For a variety of outdoor acrylic decorations, check out Homebase.


For more festive ways to decorate your garden this Christmas, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0800 111 4958 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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