how to choose grass seed

Planting new grass seed can help you improve the density, colour and quality of your lawn. There are a lot of different seed mixes on the market, and choosing the most suitable one isn't always easy. Don't worry, our lawn care experts have done their research and they can advise you on the right kind of grass seed for your lawn.

Standard Grass Seed 

Most standard grass seeds contain hard-wearing grasses and can be used pretty much anywhere in your garden. We often recommend a standard grass seed mix for homeowners with pets or children because the grass looks great but is fairly hardwearing. 

The types of grass you can expect to find in a standard grass seed include tall fescue, browntop, ryegrass and more. Unlike other types of grass seed, standard grass seeds are fast-growing and require regular upkeep.

This type of grass seed would be perfect if you're experiencing a problem with your lawn, such as dry or dead patches, that you want to fix quickly.

Shaded Grass Seed

Some lawns require a special kind of grass seed to help them survive in challenging conditions like shade. Shaded areas don't offer much natural light so the standard grass seed might not thrive. 

Shaded grass seeds contain a lot of fine-leaved species such as hard fescue, slender creeping red fescue and browntop. 

Seed mixes designed for shaded areas are not always the most hardwearing, so only choose a seed mix for shaded areas if your lawn won't be bombarded by heavy footfall. 

Luxury Grass Seed

Made using a combination of fine-leaved grass species, these grass seeds produce some really lovely looking lawns! They're often a little pricier than other grass seed mixes, but it's worth the extra cost for the best looking lawn on your street - right?

Because these mixes contain delicate fine-leaved species, they're not the most hardwearing but most homeowners are happy to make the sacrifice for the improved appearance. 

Some of the grass species you will find in luxury grass seed mixes include strong and slender creeping red fescue, chewings fescue and browntop. 

One of the main benefits of a luxury grass seed mix is that they take a long time to grow compared to other types. This dramatically reduces the amount of upkeep that your lawn will require. 

Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we offer an overseeding service that can give your lawn a new lease of life. Get in touch to find out more. 

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