When it comes to killing weeds on your property, chemically-enhanced weed killers are great for eradicating any unwanted and unsightly guests.

However, chemicals and over-the-counter weed killers can also come with a risk. Powerful chemicals can be just as effective at attacking your lawn as they are the weeds.

So, with that in mind, it’s good to have a few organic aces up your sleeve, just in case.

Weed out those irritating lawn invaders and turn your lawn into a weed-free wonderland with this guide on how to kill weeds without killing your grass.


how to kill weeds without killing your grass


Tips for How to Kill Weed Without Killing Grass

While there are a variety of store-bought products that claim to kill weeds without affecting the health of your grass, for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to focus on alternative methods you can try at home.

That being said, not all home remedies are ideal for killing weeds while still leaving your grass protected. A perfect example of this is the simple boiling water technique. Ideal for driveway weeds and patio pests, steaming hot water will kill off healthy grass just as quickly as it kills off weeds.

As such, knowing how to kill weeds without killing grass is crucial in maintaining a healthy lawn. Here are a few options you can try at home without having to resort to chemical warfare.


Hand Removal

If you wanted to go the au naturel route to weedless perfection, the obvious route to go down is the proactive method of pulling them up by hand. After all, what better way to get to the root of the problem than by yanking them up by the roots?

While this is arguably one of the most effective methods of weed removal, the downside of this technique is that it is naturally very time-consuming. In the case of multiple weeds and large areas of coverage, this process can quickly turn into a mammoth task.

Worse still, weeds can often break off as their being pulled up from the ground, leaving the roots lying in wait beneath, only to resurface down the line. Nevertheless, persistence pays off and they should eventually disappear with continued attention.



While it may seem likely a waste of perfectly good alcohol, both vodka and gin make for surprisingly effective weed killers without killing your grass. Simply spray onto the desired area and let nature take its course!

The level of dilution for this technique varies greatly depending on who you ask – ranging from a vodka/water ratio of 1:6 to straight vodka completely undiluted. To be safe, you’re better off exercising caution and diluting to avoid the hangover affecting your healthy grass.

This method is particularly effective for areas that see a lot of sun. The combination of sunlight and vodka can dry out the weeds and leave them dehydrated within just a few hours. Soon enough, they should shrivel up and die out.

While this may seem odd, if you’ve ever had a heavy night at a festival and woken up in a hot tent the following morning, you’ll completely understand why. Just try to keep the spray generally aimed at the weeds, as it can have a similar dehydrative effect on flowers too.


Corn Gluten

Another great option for killing weed not grass is corn gluten meal, which has seen an emergence in the weed removal market in recent years. A by-product of the corn starch/syrup production process, corn gluten meal is 60% protein and 10% nitrogen – two beneficial nutrients for lawns.

A naturally organic and non-toxic weed suppressant, corn gluten meal is said to prevent weed seeds from germinating without harming the healthy grass, effectively cutting weeds off at the source before they have a chance to ravage your lawn.

However, while this sounds fantastic in theory, reviews are commonly mixed with regards to its success rate. Both scientific study and professional reviews report varying results, raising question marks over its effectiveness.

Despite the mixed feedback on germination prevention, corn gluten meal is said to be largely effective in inhibiting root formation. Liberal coverage in relatively dry conditions is your best bet for the highest chance of success.


Professional Weed Killing Services

While the above techniques are great for DIY weed removal, their effectiveness isn’t guaranteed and there are also naturally going to be risks involved with each method. For guaranteed weed removal that lasts, your best bet is to call in the experts.

At Lawn & Weed Expert, our weed removal services are effective, efficient and, most importantly, expertly applied. We take great care to waylay your weeds without tarnishing your turf and have access to industry products not widely available to the general public.

For additional tips on how to kill weeds without killing your grass or more information on weed killing services at Lawn & Weed Expert, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0800 111 4958 or click the button below to get in touch online.

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