Freshly-laid lawn can make any property stand out, adding some much-needed kerb appeal that enhances the look of your home. However, sometimes you may wake up to the unsightly look of mushrooms and toadstools all over your grass, which can send you south pretty quickly.

There's no need to panic though, as mushrooms and toadstools are a common feature of many lawns during the right time of year and they are pretty easy to get rid of. If you've walked out onto your lawn to a new gathering of mushrooms and toadstool and want to know how to remove them, you've come to the right place!

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Before we explain how to remove mushrooms and toadstools from your lawn, it's important to understand exactly what they are how they occur, so you can avoid them springing up again in the future.


What are mushrooms and toadstools and how do they appear?

Toadstools are the fruit of genus of fungi called basidiomycetes (a mouthful we know). The central part of this fungi is buried underground where it feeds on rotting plant material.

The way in which toadstools are spread is through the dispersal of spores. When your new lawn is installed, the soil on which it is placed may be home to buried organic matter, which includes fungal spores. When this soil is disturbed, the spores are released and toadstools appear when the right weather conditions appear. This is often during the autumn months when the climate is damp and humid.

Toadstools usually sprout in a circle, which gives them the nickname 'fairy rings'.


Removing mushrooms and toadstools from your lawn

As a result of toadstools and mushrooms being fuelled by dead and rotting plant matter, they will die out naturally is their supply of food is eradicated or runs out. Once your lawn has become established and settled down, toadstools and mushrooms do not usually reappear. Therefore, there's no need to use chemical products on your lawn to kill them.

Toadstools and mushrooms require damp conditions in order to survive as they are primarily made up of water. An easy and effective method of removing them from your lawn is to simply brush them with a fairly stiff brush or broom. You can then allow the sun to dry them out.

In order to prevent toadstools and mushrooms from growing, be sure to remove any grass clippings left on your lawn after mowing your grass. This will remove a ready supply of nutrients that the fungus underneath the lawn could use a food source.


In conclusion, if you wake up to a family of toadstools on your newly-laid lawn, there's no reason to panic. They should disappear naturally if you don't remove them yourself.

If you'd like to avoid removing them yourself, however, you can always hire a professional to do so. Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we offer professional and effective lawn care services that ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape at all times, including the removal and prevention of mushrooms and toadstools!

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