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There’s nothing more frustrating then spending hours labouring away removing weeds, only to have them spring back up again after a few weeks.

If you’re struggling to get rid of your weeds and have them stay gone, you’re in the right place! Read on to find out why your weeds might be growing back, and what you can do to stop those pesky weeds from popping up again.

Why Weeds Are Growing & How to Stop Recurring Weeds

Here are some of the top reasons weeds are growing in your garden, and steps you can take to stop weeds from growing back after removal.

Conditions Encouraging Weed Growth

Whilst a lot of common garden weeds found in the UK can grow in most any environment, it’s possible that there are certain conditions in your garden that are currently encouraging weed growth. Certain environments that are favourable to weeds include:

  • Thin/bare grass
  • Overexposed/underexposed to sunlight (depending on the weed)
  • Excessively moist

If your garden currently fits into any of these categories, you may inadvertently be encouraging weeds to grow. Changing the conditions of your garden may help dissuade weeds from growing after their removal.

Install Weed Barriers

If your garden doesn’t have any type of weed barrier, it may be making it easy for weeds to invade your garden and spread. Weed barriers make it difficult for weeds to grow by creating a physical barrier, stopping weeds from growing up from beneath.

You can buy artificial weed barriers like weed control membrane, but we would generally recommend using a natural weed barrier such as mulch. Mulch allows the soil to breathe more and doesn’t restrict the flow of air, water, and nutrients the way weed control membrane does. Using mulch in your garden beds is a great way to control weed growth in your garden.

Change Your Bird Feed

This one might surprise you, but some bird feed contains seeds that, if left on the ground, can actually grow into weeds. Whilst you’ve been pulling weeds time and time again, you may have been unknowingly scattering weed seeds on your lawn in the form of bird feed!

To address this, you can buy specific ‘no-grow’ bird feed that is specially cultivated to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds in your garden. These specific bird seeds won’t grow into weeds if left on your lawn –making a change to the bird feed you use is a simple way to approach unwanted weed growth.

Use Professional Services

If weeds aren’t removed correctly, they can continuously regrow from even the smallest fragment of root. In fact, some weeds can lay dormant underground for years, so while you may think you’ve removed them, they can grow back whenever conditions are favourable for them again.

Enlisting professional weed removal services is probably the best way to save yourself time and money in the long run by making sure that your weeds are removed properly first time around.

If you’re interested in using professional weed control services, Lawn & Weed Expert can help. We offer a range of bespoke weed control and treatment services, so no matter what condition your lawn is in, we can help you!

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