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If you're looking for a natural way to improve the quality of your soil and prevent weeds, mulching might be the answer. Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we believe mulching your lawn and garden at the right time of year can be very beneficial. Today we're going to walk you through the mulching process step-by-step so you can see exactly how it works!


What is mulching?

As a gardener, we're sure you've heard of mulching before - but do you know what it is? Mulching is the process of adding material to the top of your lawn or garden to achieve a number of different goals. Mulching isn't a one-trick pony, it has multiple benefits, especially if you opt for a biodegradable, organic mulch material such as wood chippings or grass cuttings. 


What are the benefits of mulching?

Why would you go to the effort of mulching your lawn/garden? Well, mulching can be done to improve the quality of your lawn, flower beds and borders. It can also prevent problems from occurring making your garden easier to maintain. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of mulching.

Mulching your lawn, flower beds or borders:

  • Provides nutrients for the soil, including nitrogen
  • Increases the microbial diversity and improves health
  • Minimises the growth of weeds
  • Helps the soil retain moisture
  • Deters pests
  • Saves you time and money


Will mulching my lawn create a thatch problem?

As long as you regularly scarify your lawn and mulch correctly, adding mulch to your lawn shouldn't cause a thatch problem. Grass cuttings should decompose quickly and completely, leaving minimal organic matter on the surface of your lawn. The decomposition process is much more efficient if the mulch comes into contact with the soil. That's where all the microbes are!

If your lawn is already suffering from a thatch problem, this could make it hard for the mulch to decompose, after all, it's an additional layer of material between the mulch and the soil. If you're planning to mulch your soil, we'd recommend scarifying your lawn first. This will remove any unnecessary thatch and will ensure your mulch can do its job properly.

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When should I mulch?

The two best times of year to apply mulch are in the spring (before weeds have had a chance to grow through) and in autumn (when plants are starting to die back). That being said, mulch can be applied to your lawn and garden any time you feel it needs a pick-me-up. Mulching your garden and lawn regularly will help keep plants healthy and weeds at bay.


Bagging vs mulching

In the grand scheme of things, mulching your lawn is going to be better for it than bagging the clippings. Why? As we've explained, mulching has so many benefits that it seems a shame to bag up your clippings and throw them away. Bagging your lawn clippings and disposing of them is sure to take longer, and might cost you more money in the long run when you have to pay for fertilisers, weed killers etc. 

The only time we'd recommend bagging your lawn clippings is if you've got a serious thatch problem in your lawn, or if you're concerned with the overall appearance of your lawn. It's true that mulching can be unsightly, after all, you're cutting your grass just to cover it back over with the clippings. If you really want a pristine looking lawn, bagging your clippings might be the better option. 

Mulching should be part of a healthy lawn & garden care routine. Over time, you will see great improvements in the quality of your lawn and plants.

That being said, mulch isn't a magic cure for all lawn & garden problems. We recommend checking out some of our other services to keep your lawn and garden in the best condition! Contact us for a FREE lawn survey.

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