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A selective weed killer is a weed killer that only kills certain weeds, leaving grass and other desirable plants unharmed. How does that work? Read on to find out!


Selective Weed Killers

Because it targets only the weeds you want to get rid of, you can apply selective weed killer without harming the other plants in your garden. Overuse, or careless application, may cause some plants near the weeds to die. If you’re careful, however, they should be able to keep growing while the weeds die.


How Does Selective Weed Killer Work?

Selective weed killers are specifically formulated to kill certain types of weed and nothing else. They cause the targeted plant to undergo unsustainable growth, so that it grows itself to death. If done properly, a single application of selective weed killer can keep your lawn weed-free for a whole season (though you may have to wait up to six weeks to see the full effect).

Most selective weed killers are systemic, which is why you only need one careful application. Systemic weed killers kill the plant from the inside out. Once sprayed on to the leaves, the plant absorbs the weed killer chemicals and moves them around the plant by its natural processes. This spreads the chemicals through the whole system of the plant, which explains the name.

The opposite of selective weed killers are non-selective weed killers, which do as their name suggests and kill virtually every plant they touch. This makes them better suited to industrial clearance, and situations where you need to kill all plant life in a targeted area.

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How to Use Selective Weed Killer

The best time to use weed killer is between May and June. This is when weeds tend to enter their ‘fast-growing’ stage, making them much more susceptible to weed killer. At this point in time, you could use a contact weed killer, because they work well during sunny days.

However, contact weed killers are considered ‘non-selective,’ so if you want a targeted weed killer that will only affect the plants you want to get rid of, you’ll have to use a selective weed killer.

An off-the-shelf weed killer may work well, but we work better. Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we operate with highly-effective broad-spectrum systemic herbicides that are safe and effective.

If you are concerned about weeds in your garden, request a free garden survey from us today!

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