circle of mushrooms growing on lawn - waht causes fairy rings, how to get rid of fairy rings

If you’ve spotted a suspicious looking arrangement of mushrooms in your lawn, in the forest, or any grassy space, it's possible that you're looking at what’s known as a fairy ring. Also sometimes referred to as a fairy circle, elf ring, or pixie ring, their unusually perfect circle shapes can look a little odd, it’s no wonder than in the past folks would assume they had a supernatural origin.

Nowadays we have enough science to understand what causes fairy rings and why they look the way they do – if you’re wondering what fairy rings are and what causes them, you’re in the right place to find some answers!

What are fairy rings?

To put it simply, fairy rings are naturally occurring circular formations of mushrooms and grass. Fairy rings can be identified by circles or arcs of mushrooms, and/or either dead grass or unusually lush grass.

In the past, before we understood the science behind fairy circles and how they grow, various folklore developed around fairy rings to try and explain their origins. In English and Celtic folklore, they believed that fairy rings were caused by fairies dancing in a circle; they also believed that if humans joined in the dance, they would be compelled to dance in the ring until they passed out from exhaustion.

Some cultures believe that fairy rings bring good luck, some bad luck, some thought they were caused by fairies or dragons, but now we know the truth; fairy rings are symptoms of a fungus growth.

What causes fairy rings?

Fairy rings are one of many possible results of fungus growing below ground. Certain lawn fungi grows in the soil below grass and sprouts lots of mycelium (root-like offshoots) that grow out in a circular shape. Depending on the type of fungus that is growing, the effects can look very different above ground.

Some fungus mycelium growth can be very dense, which makes it difficult for water and essential nutrients such as nitrogen to penetrate the soil. As such, this can cause the circle of grass above the mycelium growth to brown and die.

Alternatively, the opposite can also be true. Some fungi that causes fairy rings can actually have the reverse effect, causing the turf above the fungus to grow thicker and in a darker shade of green. All types of lawn can be affected by fairy rings.

Fairy rings can present at various times of year, but they’re more common in the summer and autumn months. Fairy rings typically start of small in size, growing bigger as they get older. All fairy rings are caused by fungi; as such, fairy rings are commonly found by old tree stumps or decaying wood, which are typically the source of the initial fungus growth.

How to treat a fungal treatment in lawn

Lawn fungus can be caused by/be a result of a variety of conditions in your lawn, such as damp, poor drainage, and lack of sunlight. While the mushrooms on top can be relatively easily removed, it’s essential to address the bigger problem of the fungus below ground.

Additionally, without treating the issues that led to the fungal infection in the first place (e.g. damp), there’s a higher chance that the fungus will return. For this reason, it’s best to enlist professional lawn fungus treatment services.

When it comes to treating a fungal treatment, it’s best to act sooner rather than later. If left untreated, fungus can rapidly spready via spores. If you’ve found yourself with a fairy ring in your lawn, Lawn & Weed Expert offer professional fungus treatment services.

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