Moss is a problem that can affect your lawn all year round, so it’s important to always be vigilant. Moss is often seen as harmless since it’s not as damaging as some invasive weeds, but it can actually cause some pretty significant damage to your property; especially if it’s left unattended to grow and spread for long periods of time.

When moss grows on your lawn, if left to sit and smother your grass, it can block out sunlight and any nutrients the grass would otherwise be receiving. Effectively, it's suffocating and killing your lawn.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with the presence of moss on your lawn, you may have wondered when should I apply moss killer, and when is the best time to treat your lawn for moss?

When embarking on the process of clearing your lawn of debris and moss, the best time to treat moss is in the autumn time. It’s also possible to treat your lawn for moss in the spring, but it’s worth noting that there are different techniques that should be used when treating your lawn in the spring rather than treating your lawn in the autumn.

Your lawn requires very different care depending on the season, which can make moss removal potentially complicated. As such, when it comes to moss, sometimes it's best left to the professionals. To find out more about the moss services Lawn & Weed Expert provides, check out the link down below.

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So now we know that autumn is the best time of year to be treating your lawn; but why is this the best time?


Why Treat Moss in the Autumn?

One massive benefit of addressing your moss problem in the autumn is that it helps manage and minimise any moss growth that might occur over winter. As a result, it makes moss less of an issue in spring. Any gardener will tell you that spring is always a busy time of year for garden care and maintenance; the last thing you want is adding ‘moss control’ to your already long list of things to do in the spring!

Autumn (and spring) are also good times to treat your moss since they’re also key points in the seasons when people are treating their lawns for a variety of other purposes, for example fertilising and reseeding. When carrying out these types of lawn treatments, it’s vital to ensure that any moss has already been cleared away before you get started.

If there is moss growth in the autumn, it’s vital that it be removed before you start any reseeding or any such procedures. Moss is dense enough to suffocate and kill grass; any treatments done on moss-covered grass is unlikely to have the desired effect on the grass beneath as it wont be able to penetrate through. 

It is recommended that during the summer months you keep a close eye on your garden; if there is any moss growth, it’s best to remove it immediately before it spreads. However, if you remove moss in the spring, it’s unlikely that there will be much moss to remove in the summer or autumn, especially if you are vigilant about removing even the smallest traces of moss as soon as they appear.

In winter, it’s usually best to not do any work on your lawn at all; the cold weather drastically affects your lawn in a number of ways. Primarily, grass growth is a lot slower which dramatically affects the effects lawn treatments would have. It also makes the soil hard and cold; from every consideration, winter is not a good time to be carrying out any work on your garden.

Moss can be pretty troubling and is best cleared away as soon as possible. If you’re not confident enough to attempt to clear moss yourself or still aren’t sure as to when is the best time to use moss killer, you may be considering calling in the professionals. If you want to get a better idea as to what kind of treatment is best for your lawn, reach out to Lawn & Weed Expert and book your free lawn survey today.

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If you have any questions about the moss control services Lawn & Weed Expert provides or about when to treat your lawn for moss, reach out and contact us. Our first-class team will do their best to answer any questions you may have.

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