bank holiday lawn care

We're finally heading into the August bank holiday which means you've got three whole days of freedom! You've probably noticed that the weather is starting to turn, and autumn will soon be upon us. So, if your lawn has been neglected over the past few weeks, we have a few lawn care jobs for you to tackle over the bank holiday weekend.


Mow the lawn

Your lawn has just been through its fastest period of growth, so it's likely to be due a cut. Lawns that are too long in the autumn months are prone to diseases like fungus, a great way to prevent these diseases from occurring is to keep on top of your lawn care at the end of spring. What better time to cut the lawn than bank holiday weekend? If you don't have time to cut the whole lawn because you're busy with friends or family, a quick tidy up of the lawn edges will instantly make your lawn look better.


Water the lawn

While we may be approaching colder, wetter weather, there are lots of places in the UK that have been particularly warm this week! If your lawn is looking a little brown and dehydrated, we'd recommend giving it a good dose of water over the bank holiday. Lawns should be watered first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon, this gives the water the best chance of soaking into the soil instead of evaporating in the midday sun.


Deal with pests in the lawn

Lawn pests often build their nests during the summer months, which means they'll now be in full force! If you've not had a chance to deal with pests in your lawn up until now, we'd recommend using your bank holiday weekend to seek the right kind of treatment. There are a whole host of bugs and pests that you might come across, you can find more information about them (and how to get rid of them) on our lawn pests page...

Lawn Pests >


Aerate your lawn

If your soil has become compacted, this weekend could be a great opportunity to aerate your lawn. Did you know that aeration works really well on slightly damp soil? We'd recommend doing it after you mow and water your lawn to see the best results. All you need are a pair of lawn spike shoes or an aeration machine. Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we offer a professional aeration service that makes the whole process a bit easier. You can learn more about it here...

Lawn Aeration >


Apply a fertiliser

When you've finished all the jobs we've outlined, we'd recommend finishing off with a healthy dose of lawn fertiliser. Slightly damp, aerated soil will drink up whatever lawn fertiliser you apply and draw it down into the roots of your grass. This will give your lawn a good boost during the last few weeks of summer so that it goes into autumn in the best shape possible. The best kinds of lawn fertilisers contain a balance of nutrients and minerals. Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we use specialist fertilisers that aren't available in the supermarkets & can tailor them to your lawn's exact needs. Read more about our lawn fertilisation services here...

Lawn Fertiliser >

We hope that you all enjoy your bank holiday weekend and if you do get around to some of these lawn care jobs, we're sure your lawn will be grateful for it! If you'd like to get in touch about any of our services, we're more than happy to help. Fill in our enquiry form below and we'll arrange a FREE lawn survey for you.

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