Are you thinking about using nematodes (also known as roundworms) for lawn pest control and wondering if they are effective? Well, in short, the answer is no.


Photo by Entomology, CSIRO (via Wikimedia Commons)

Nematodes can be quite hit and miss when it comes to taking care of pests living on your lawn - other, more effective methods of pest control are available. However, if you do decide to use nematodes and would like to learn a little more about them and how they are used to take care of lawn pests, this blog post should clear up things quite well.


What are nematodes?

Nematodes are microscopic worms that are found organically in soils and other habitats which remain effective in their use for around two years. For the typical homeowner, beneficial nematodes offer great value when it comes to biological control of pests due to the wide variety of pests they have been known to control and the ease at which they control them.

Beneficial nematodes make their way through your lawn in search of food, often the insects and pests that you wish to control. They do this during their immature and infective stage, growing and multiplying inside the insects.


How do nematodes kill pests?

Beneficial nematodes kill the insects and pests in your lawn by entering their bodies through any openings that they find or by boring through the body wall. Once they have done this, the Nematodes release their unique bacteria that infects and kills the insect within 36-48 hours. They then feed ab reproduce which leads to more nematodes being present in your lawn.


What pests do nematodes control?

Nematodes have been known to successfully control a wide range of lawn pests. These include:

  • White grubs
  • Ants
  • Fruit flies
  • Onion & cabbage maggots
  • Masked chaffers
  • Bagworms
  • Japanese beetles
  • Flea beetles
  • Mole crickets
  • And much more


Applying nematodes to your lawn

There are several ways that you can apply nematodes to your lawn. These vary, however, depending on the type of pest you are trying to control. The three main methods of application are:

  1. Top dressing
  2. Spraying
  3. Injection

Each of these application methods will have its own set of instructions to ensure the nematodes are properly applied. Be sure to double-check the package instructions to ensure proper applications and that no steps are missed.


How we can help?

As mentioned above, nematodes' effectiveness as a lawn pest control solution is hit and miss. If you are experiencing issues with pests and would like to ensure they are dealt with properly with little room for error, the professionals here at Lawn & Weed Expert are the people to call!

We provide effective lawn pest control that will take care of your pest problems in an efficient manner. You can learn more about our lawn pest control services by clicking the button below!

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